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Sorry about the pun but it was kind of hard to resist! But here is what is interesting about the world of watches. There are quite a few leading brand names that have come up with watches based on the classic elements of nature.

Mother Nature gives us four elements, according to classical mythology and they are air, water, earth and fire. Some people also add ether to this list.


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Denis Waitley, who wears many hats including that of an author and a productivity consultant puts it so eloquently, “Time is the most precious element of human existence.”

And if you want to get a slice of such a precious element then you should look at watches with an interesting story to tell

Did you know that Luminox and Hamilton are two leading watch manufaturers who have come out with watches inspired by the element of air?

Luminox, interestingly has plenty of ‘military’ credits to its name because it has made watches for various military and paramilitary forces of the US, including Air Force.

From its Air series, come Luminox watches such as the F-117 Nighthawk series and the ooh so lethally named F-22 Raptor.


Want to watch time fly ? Take a look at the Luminox F-35 Lightning II where Dave tells you more about this watch.



The amazing story of the air series of these watches unfolds because some of the Top Guns of the USAF wanted spectacularly engineered watches.

Hamilton’s connection with the air element started in 1919 and since then the company has brought out plenty of watches inspired by the world of aviation. For instance, the magnificent looking Khaki ETO Chrono quartz brings together functionality and design effortlessly.

There is an intricate level of attention that has been paid in creating this watch.

Hamilton is also known for its Khaki Pilot series and the Hamilton Khaki Pilot 38mm can move you even when it is standing still!

Again, if you were to watch Dave handle the Khaki Pilot watch, you can see why it has captured a huge fan base


Air certainly seems to have inspired watchmakers to create a series based on this element and like Ray Bradbury, you too could dwell on “The smell of time in the air tonight.” 

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