Keeping watch on the environment
Authored by: Sean  

As industries go, the wristwatch manufacturing sector is not really a high polluting one. In fact, quite a few manufacturers have come up with devices that can work on solar power, light energy and even the movement of your wrist.

So, if you pick up a device such as an automatic wristwatch, then you probably simply need to ensure that you have moved your wrist adequately through the day!

Many a watch manufacturer has taken their commitment to the environment one step further. Today, a lot of businesses are talking about sustainable development, use of biodegradable materials, raw materials optimization and even CSI or corporate social investment which entails a huge focus on the environment at large.

Perhaps things like climate change and ozone depletion have spurred such initiatives massively! We may like to blame climate change on the gentle cows and even Mother Nature but the truth is that climate change is man-made. A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has made it clear that human beings are to blame.

Therefore it is up to man to reverse the process as well. The heartening thing to know is that many companies are focusing on going green. The watch industry is no different.

There are many ways in which a watch manufacturer tries to make a difference when it comes to its role as a citizen of this Earth. Which brings me straight to one of the most well-known watch brands in the world – Citizen.

Is not it interesting to note that Citizen has brought about a watch that never needs a battery change simply because it is powered by light? The Eco Drive system that went into the making of watches such as Citizen Calibre 8700 BL8000-03A have ensured that Citizen was the first watch technology company that was awarded the Eco Mark by the Japan Environment Association.

Plenty of people question the purchase of a luxury brand because they are really not known to be associated with eco-friendliness. But before passing judgment, take a look at what Jaeger-LeCoultre is doing in collaboration with the UNESCO World Heritage Center. This company is working to protect marine ecosystems all over the earth.

IWC is one company that has been certified as being carbon neutral 2 years ago. Apart from producing watches that are eco-friendly, it is also paying attention to their manufacturing process and facilities as well. For instance, Rolex has gone in for rainwater harvesting and glass exteriors in the factory in Plan-les-Ouates in order to minimize their energy consumption.

On a lower price scale, you can certainly think about buying a wristwatch that works on automatic movement. Companies such as Hamilton, Nixon, Armani and Luminox produce some really fabulous timepieces.

Check out the Luminox Field Automatic 1807 and you can enjoy the powerful luminescent technology that this company is famous for.

Or, maybe you would like the Armani Meccanico AR4647 – you can actually see the mechanical movement that powers this watch.

Nude packaging has also taken the world by storm simply because it means that a product is not wrapped in layers and layers of paper, cardboard, tissue and so on. Minimalist or even 0 packaging is par for the course these days. Vacheron Constantin, another luxury watchmaker, encourages its customers to stay away from purchasing the box for the watch unless they think it is necessary as a gift!

As a customer, I must admit that it feels good to have watches that have been produced by companies with a firm eye on the environment. It is good to play some part; albeit small; in nurturing the environment.

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