Laugh and then laugh some more
Authored by: Monica  

If you end up looking foolish, you will be completely forgiven provided it is on April Fools’ Day! Interestingly enough, this is not a modern-day phenomenon. Hark back to the year 1933 and there was an article in the Madison Capital Times that actually had a “photo shopped” image of the Wisconsin State Capitol in ruins, thanks to some explosions. It caused a lot of debate but was of course a big joke that somebody had played.


Did you know that the free Gmail service that most of us enjoy today was launched on 1 April 2004? It was Google’s take on “not tricking” people on this day.


This year also saw a non-trick if one can call it that. In a heartwarming story, a waitress called Chelsea was given a shift where all the fake customers gave her some extraordinary tips including a free car and a dream job.



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Technology offers plenty of opportunities to play a prank on large numbers of people/ Google teamed up with Nintendo and asked users to access Google maps with the challenge of finding 150 different Pokémon hidden around the globe.



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The genre of horror is enticingly easy come April Fools’ Day and the king of horror, literally, Stephen King played a rather ghastly prank on his fans when he posted on his site that he is coming up with the sequel to his bestselling novel Christine.

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This professor is so amazingly nice but he was pranked in an absolutely hilarious manner. Let me not tell you what happens! Watch.


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You have got to hand it to Samsung! This company came up with a wearable glove. Considering that wearable Tech is all the rage today, this glove promised cameras, Internet connectivity and several features that will boost your creativity!


To end our roundup on the perfectly horrid fake note, Lionsgate, the movie distribution company promised to chill its viewers by bringing out a movie titled ‘Fright Club’. It brought together all the characters that give you more than goosebumps but its poster was the only thing real about this hoax!




Pranks played in the spirit of April Fools’ Day can indeed be extraordinarily interesting because it brings people closer and has them laughing for a long time to come. Well, at least until April Fools’ Day 2015!

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