Let’s Go Shopping!
Authored by: Sean  

Once upon a time there lived a shopping bag and a car. They would get together every time it was shopping time. The bag would ride along with the car. While the car waited in the parking lot, the bag would roam the aisles of department stores and come back overflowing with goodies. On the way back they would swap tales of everything that took place in the store and the parking lot. Alas, this story does not end well. The department store does not see these 2 good friends anymore for the day of shopping trips is over. And yet, the Shopper lived happily ever after.


The Shopper now sits, shall we say, lounges, in his (or her) home and simply surfs the internet and finds the greatest deals possible on everything and we do mean everything. Welcome to the future of shopping! Why would you waste time, fuel and get stressed about so many things by driving to your shopping destination when everything your heart desires can simply be delivered at your doorstep! Every sector, every industry, every retail outlet that wants to reach more customers has begun to use the internet. And truly, this has changed the way almost every body shops!

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You can even make real estate purchase decisions online! Digital marketing strategies allow people to take virtual tours of properties that are up for sale. So you can be sitting in any part of the world and can take a look at houses in some other country altogether! Well, we may not have houses for sale but we can offer you an amazing range of wristwatches and other goodies. Brands, colors, movements, case shape – just some of the things that you can be discerning about when you go online shopping for wristwatches with!


Also, would it not be interesting to see if the future holds a wonderful confluence of multiple technologies? For instance, if you want to buy a specific pair of sunglasses – you could look for it online. You could have a hologram that gets projected in front of your computer which allows you to try on different models. And then when you find that kickass pair of sunglasses, you simply print it out in your 3D printer!




Or maybe you want to buy perfume? Well your computer would allow you to get a whiff of the product by releasing scented nano particles of the same? Ah well, that may be sometime in the future but right now, people are, increasingly, turning to their smartphones, tablets and computers to complete their shopping. Whether it is vegetables, houses, white goods, electronic goods, books, makeup – you can find them all in the most super market of them all – the internet.

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