Living The Life Technological
Authored by: Sean  

Look around you and you will find gadgets and gizmos and electronic items that have made your life extraordinarily comfortable and connected. Whether it is the microwave that you zap your food in or the latest e-book reader that you rely on, technology has indeed changed our daily lives. But I cannot help but wonder – is this change always for the better? Even though I do believe in living life and thinking in black-and-white, the answer to this question must be yes and no.


For instance, how do you read? Is your bag perpetually full of the books that you love? Or do you simply unfold your e-book reader and start reading? I must confess to toting around a heavier than normal bag because it is full of at least 2 books at any given time. A borderline bibliomaniac, I break out in a cold sweat if I do not have my daily fix of crossword puzzles and books.


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There is nothing like the aroma of a book. May I call it the “petrichor of pages”? The feeling of opening your newspaper or your book and settling into your comfortably familiar chair and nursing a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and losing yourself in the worlds of gremlins, international espionage, history, technology – all created by your friendly authors? Ah that’s the stuff of good things indeed.


Now, would the e-book reader give the same comfort and especially that aroma of books? Perhaps not! Interestingly, there is an aerosol out in the market today which mimics the smell of books. So you could spray the air around you and then settle down with the e-reading device. But I digress! The convenience of an e-reader is not to be denied. If you are taking a longish vacation or going to a place which does not have a library (horrors), then you cannot possibly carry 20, 30, 50 books with you and that’s where your palm held library can make life so much better.


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Life is becoming digitized in so many ways. At some point of time in the near future, would we be identified by bar codes rather than delicious and creative names? Would food be delivered in flavored tablets or pills? Would libraries have books on silicon chips that will be inserted into your skin or your e-reader and you can simply return the chips when you have finished ‘downloading’ them? Gadgets and gizmos – they make life so much easier – no doubt. Books, puzzles and magazines also do enhance the quality of life that we lead. Would we put books and bits and bytes together more often or stick to good old fashioned paper version of them all?

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