Love is all around me
Authored by: Sean  

There are plenty of emotions that flow around me every day. Of late of course, it is love. Indeed as one of my favorite songs goes, “Love is all around me”. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and every where I can see all kinds of manifestations and symbols of this rather powerful emotion. Giant hearts, tinsel, confetti, boys shopping for romantic gifts and girls wondering how many roses they are going to get. All par for the course of course but I must confess that I am just a wee bit skeptical about love.


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Love is indeed a potent emotion. So why not feel it all year through? Yes, you can go all out and celebrate it even more than usual on Valentine’s Day. Probably treat this one single day of the year as the magnifying glass which would focus your love even more. But, if only we can understand and realize and internalize the fact that love is indeed everywhere and exists all year through, life would be rather peaceful is it not? So why wait for a particular day to profess your love for someone? Whether it is your parents, your children, your siblings, your romantic love interest, your pets or maybe even things like books – show your love liberally indeed!


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Emotionally, we need not really restrict love to one particular day alone. As grand a gesture as you can make on Valentine’s Day, the rest of the year should also reinforce this gesture. Therefore, not for me the candy and the gifts and the reds and the pinks for one day alone. I love the concept of Valentine’s Day of course! Imagine a day dedicated to thinking up of the most romantic things and backing it up with the best of commercial products! But if I could show it for the rest of the 364 days as well, I truly believe then that love would indeed be all around me and the world.


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