Luminox Deep Dive Automatic 1503
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Luminox is known for their military watches – they have 3 categories: AIR, SEA, LAND. In the sea category, the Navy SEAL series has been very popular. This one is from the Deep Dive series – model 1503. It borrows from Navy SEAL look, but it’s a serious dive watch! For starters, it has a depth resistance of 500 meters. It’s common to find 200M resistance but 500M is more challenging to engineer. The sapphire crystal must be twice as thick, and also the caseback. Steel deforms at that depth so the overall case construction has to be more robust and rugged. This is what gives the case its thickness. The case diameter is 44mm without the crown. As you can see, the screw-down crown has a special purpose protector. Not only does it hold the crown in place, it actually locks the rotating bezel as well. These and other such features make this an official dive watch that meets international standards – such as shock resistance, magnetic resistance, chemical resistance to withstand ocean salinity. It also has an automatic helium release valve – something that divers care about since prolonged dives in pressurized environments, tiny helium molecules can get inside and the pressure build-up can damage the watch.

The most relevant feature from Luminox’ perspective is the visibility. First of all, the glass has anti-reflective coating. In deep sea diving, being able to read the watch in absolute darkness becomes important – and that’s where the Luminox illumination system for which the brand is famous kicks in. The hands and markers have the tritium tubes that glow in the dark unaided by any external source of light or power. They don’t need any activation. What Luminox has done for this watch is that they have triple tubes at the 12 o’clock marker and double tubes on the broader minute hand, just adding that extra bit of noticeability.

There is also a date window (at the 3 o’clock position). The movement is an automatic Swiss ETA 2826. The case-back is screw-down and has the deep dive logo. Now let’s look at the strap on this piece – it’s an integrated strap, soft PU which has been stretch-tested by applying a force of 20 newtons on each side. It has a triple-pin buckle and 2 belt loops. It’s a very comfortable strap, nice and secure. It comes with an additional strap extender for use over wet suits.

It comes in this special box and also has this deep dive certificate. Check it out on

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Here’s a review by Dave !!

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  1. Abuy says:

    Review by Chris J. Taylor for Rating: I got this watch from Walmart, after searching high and low for a watch that fit my cteriria. It’s thin enough; doesn’t catch sleeves. It syncs well, but here’s a tip for syncing: leave it on your arm at night. I live across the Sound from Seattle (a long way from the Ft. Collins transmitter), and the watch will not sync if it’s on the windowsill. It will sync 9 out of 10 times though, if it’s on my wrist while I sleep. Probably using the contact with my body as an antenna or something. Anyway, it syncs well and is always well within the margin of error of, while my Timex is about 8 seconds off after only a couple of weeks. However, there are some details I don’t like about it:There’s no night mode (hold in the light button on a Timex for 3 seconds, and any button press will light the backlight). Also, the light doesn’t stay on as you’re cycling through modes or pressing other buttons; it turns off as soon as you press another button. This makes setting an alarm at night difficult. Also, the timer is limited to 60 minutes, in one-minute increments. Again, my Timex will do ten hours’ countdown, and you can set it to count down two and a half minutes, etc.I prefer a Velcro quick-wrap strap on these kinds of watches, however, it does not seem that I’ll be able to use that type of strap on this watch, due to the design (the poles that hold the strap to the body are recessed somewhat). Might give it a try anyway, but it will be more difficult that it should be. The stock strap is fairly comfortable, but the VERY thin plastic latch doesn’t make me think it will last long.Finally, the watch face is not recessed. I find that a recessed face, if only a little, helps immensely in preventing scratches on the watch face, and keeps it readable for years longer.One thing I do like about the design is that while in timer or stopwatch modes, the top portion (normally date) displays the current time. Those are my few complaints about this watch. Overall, it’s a good choice for an inexpensive atomic watch, just don’t buy it if you use a lot of the other features frequently. If you don’t mind resetting the watch for Daylight Savings (that’s about how often you’d need to sync it to keep it accurate to within a minute or two), get an Ironman; they last forever and have a ton more features.Here’s hoping this watch lasts as long as my old Ironman did (four straps, two battery replacements and eleven years . . . until it was stolen).

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