Luminox – The Watch for the Armed Forces !
Authored by: Sean  

The world and its elements as we do not know it now, was created around 4.5 billion years ago. Man created machines and marvels for each of the elements. And nowhere is this more apparent than the armed forces. Whether it is Air, Water or Land, the armed forces have a presence everywhere.

The Luminox story is kind of similar to the above! The genesis of Luminox was in the year 1989. This Swiss brand also brought out multiple series of watches that cater to the various elements that the armed forces have to deal with.

One huge component of all Luminox watches is the tritium illumination tubes. This is a proprietary Light technology that has been reserved for the military. The technology works on borosilicate glass capsules of gas lights that is an “always visible” technology.

Land and the Army

Luminox enabled the Army or military to be masters of almost any terrain with a huge range of watches. 1993 was when Luminox deployed itself in the service of the armed forces and a result of this deployment was the amazing number of watches designed for the soldiers who do battle on Land.

One of the most iconic and popular watches, even with the civilians, was the Luminox OD Military 3041.


Luminox has different series today and they go by earthy names such as Atacama, Sentry and Recon Point Man to name a few. All of them proudly serve the military.

Air and the USAF

The names of the crafts of the USAF speak of the awesome power they possess. In the year 1999, the ace pilots who handle the F-117 Nighthawk Fighter Jet wanted Luminox to build them a watch, which the company did!

Luminox then went about creating masterpieces for the elite pilots of the Air Force and dubbed their watches after the machines they fly. In fact, this is a unique feature of Luminox watches – that they have series named after specific fighter aircrafts. For instance, you can see distinct similarities between the aircraft itself – F 22 Raptor – and the watch – Luminox F-22 Raptor- it has inspired.


Water and the Navy

The Sea has its own unique challenges for the men and women of the Navy SEALs and other marine forces.

But the story of Luminox and the Navy unfolds in the year 1993 when Nick North from the Navy SEALs got in touch with Barry Cohen, Founder, Luminox, and asked for a watch that will up the power for the SEALs on their missions. The result? The Luminox Original Navy Seal 3001BO, which is the Black Out version of the original watch.



It is interesting to note that Luminox has blended design elements, natural elements and the requirements of the armed forces in all its watches. Ruggedness comes together with the colors of the uniforms and the colors of the elements as well. And that is why Luminox is unafraid to take on any element!

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