Magnificent Moms
Authored by: Sean  

History is replete with magnificent women who were powerful, enigmatic and influential. They have changed the course of history. They have been instrumental in creating world leaders and they have also been committed to making all kinds of sacrifices when it came to their children. Michelle Obama, Mata Hari, Catherine de Medici, Indra Nooyi, Harriet Tubman, Tawakul Karman and Maria Theresa – good and bad, known and unknown, contemporary and historic – these women were brilliantly powerful and were mothers too!


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Whether you know some of their stories or not is not too important. What is important is to realize that mothers everywhere, at all times, go through a state of living their lives for their children. Having children changes them and gets them to re-evaluate everything they stand for. Maria Theresa had 16 children and was the ruler of Austria and even when she was pregnant, she ensured that she staved off conquerors of various kinds and turned her little country into a center for progress.


Why go back that far and get all historic? Take an ordinary mom that you know. She has probably put her life in a permanent postponement simply to ensure that her children get the best of things. In a world that increasingly talks about “doing your own thing”, a Mother is an incredible entity indeed. All too often, she never gets the chance to do her own thing because her baby demands attention of some kind. And even more incredibly, a mother will forego everything joyously.


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How selfless is that! And it is not big things either – it is not a mother giving up her life or even selling her soul for her children. It is the small things that happen every day that symbolize the relinquishing of her life that a mother does when she has a little one. Even a simple thing like taking time off to read her favorite book becomes a rarity, a luxury. I know enough friends who tell me that they used to read a lot before their little one was born. For an avid reader like me, the use of the past tense in that sentence is disturbing. But then it is followed by a smile of such pure joy because the reason for their “used to read” status has just toddled over!


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Your mom does not necessarily have to be famous, a business leader or the ruler of a kingdom for you to appreciate what sacrifices she has gone through. Know that she has started by making her life all about yours simply by carrying you around for 9 months and then continued for whatever number of years you have been her child! So maybe, this Mother’s Day it could be about you appreciating the historic role that your mom has played in your life! A great gift and card or poem is nice but maybe you can sacrifice a bit of your time and give up something that you ‘simply have to do’ to spend time with your magnificent mom instead.

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