Oriental Time Philosophy
Authored by: Sean  

There are so many phrases that people use. Almost in an offhand manner, one talks about “being in the moment”, “a time for everything”, “time is the greatest healer”, “being ahead of its time”, and so on. The philosophy of time affects all our lives in different ways.


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Today’s modern culture perhaps places more emphasis on getting things done instantly and does not really want to sit around waiting. Enter instant noodles and instant love and perhaps even instant divorces.


In stark contrast, take a look at the amazingly deep culture of Japan. This incredible country has gone through so many kinds of disasters – natural and man-made – and has emerged stronger with each one.


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If an ordinary individual were to go through this kind of incessant battering, he may very well be excused if he adopts an attitude of  “anything goes”. And he would perhaps even be completely justified in grabbing things to make his own life comfortable. But then we are talking about the Japanese here who view everything from a completely different point of view! The world stood and watched in complete reverence when the country went through unimaginable disaster and yet stood stronger with generosity and complete, stoic calm.






















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Perhaps the Japanese inherently know that with great orderliness, comes the best use of time. So you will also see the people here waiting in line for everything – including emergency supplies. Milling crowds and a mob mentality do not delay the disbursement of aid material in Japan! The Japanese are almost never late. And couple of the sectors that reveal this philosophy the best are their train systems and their watch making industries.

Interestingly, there are many stories where Japanese trains are said to be running late if they are even a few seconds late. Small wonder then that Japan is home to the Shinkansen aka the Bullet Train.

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The Japanese are driven by an almost complete focus on precision and therefore, it does make a lot of sense for the Japanese to produce some of the world’s best-known watches. Like the Seiko Chronograph SNDA27P1 and Casio Edifice EF-305D-1AVDR to name just two!


Seiko Chronograph SNDA27P1



Casio Edifice EF-305D-1AVDR


After all, the country believes that punctuality is a mark of respect! So, everything in its time, or perhaps even earlier, makes a lot of sense to the Japanese. To give you a bit more of time to think about things, here is some subversive office Haiku for you, taken from the collection titled, 101 Corporate Haiku, by William Warriner


The clocks disagree;

Yet they all accuse me of

mismanaging time.




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