Moon phase watches
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In his book, Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi has written, “The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do.” These words are strangely moving because the novel itself is a rather dystopian, thought-provoking work! But at the heart of it lies the profound observation about the moon. And speaking about it being watchful led me to think about moon phase watches!


So what are moon phase watches? The moon phase is a complication that allows the wearer watch to find out what the current phase of the moon is. This simply means that an individual will be able to see exactly how the illuminated portion of the moon looks, when seen from the Earth. Tracking the lunar cycle can be functional, magical and fascinating, all rolled into one.


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There is a sense of connection to the cosmos at large when you have a moon phase watch on your wrist. It is not just a “scientific interest” in the moon that drives people to wear a moon phase watch. Take a look at the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase. Is not it just magnificent in its design? Obviously, no surprise that people often choose this watch not simply for its moon phase complication but also for its silvery good looks.


From the new Moon phase through the first quarter, full Moon and last quarter phases, these watches are capable of showing you the lit portion of the moon that you can ordinarily see from Earth. This simply means that the lunar cycle of 29.5 days shows up through phases such as “no moon”, visibility of the right-hand side of the Moon, the full moon itself and finally the left side of the Moon.


Moon phase watches work on the basis of one disk which has 2 moons on it. This disk goes through one complete rotation in time with the lunar cycle. And as the disk rotates through its 29.5 days cycle, an aperture on the dial shows you the moon, as seen in the sky. Of course, this is a simple explanation of how the Moon phase complication works.


Some brands are taken it even further by adding details on constellations of the night sky. Talk about wearing a starry watch. So whether you are waxing gibbous or waning crescent, you can certainly enjoy looking at the loyal companion, the Moon, on your wrist as well. Now isn’t that a nice way to connect with the starry skies and the mysterious universe, when you have a moon phase watch.





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