Moonwatch !
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There are very few watches that get covered by international media at a large scale, but the Omega Speedmaster Professional is an exception. After rigorous testing by NASA, it was flight-qualified for every piloted flight. Its distinctions include all six lunar landings and a key role in helping the crew survive the troubled Apollo 13 mission.

It is the most famous watch known to mankind, outside of planet Earth.

According to Omega, ” The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional chronograph Buzz Aldrin was wearing when he stepped onto the lunar surface in July of 1969 is arguably the most famous wristwatch in the world, making it particularly ironic that its whereabouts are unknown.

The contemporary OMEGA Speedmaster Professional could easily be mistaken for one of its namesakes worn on the Moon. It is powered by the OMEGA calibre 1861 which shares lineage with the calibres 321 and 861 which drove the early Speedmasters.

Like the original Moonwatch, it has a 42 mm stainless steel case, a shatterproof Hesalite crystal and the full chronograph function which made the Speedmaster famous. Its black dial is complemented by a black bezel ring with a tachymetric scale.

After more than fifty years, the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional is largely unchanged. It’s hard to improve on a legend.”



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