Move over Batmobile
Authored by: Monica  

There is another “supercar” in town! And this one is all about driving business. Smart businesses will follow their customers. Such businesses will know exactly where their customer is and how they can entice them into more enriching shopping experiences. The operative word is smart and this simply means that a business owner has to use smart technology. And truly, that means going mobile – for more and more people are using smart phones to do their shopping.

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Almost everybody carries a mobile device these days. For a business organization this means a ready and immediate audience for content delivery. A text message or a snappy email newsletter optimized and delivered on a mobile device will be read almost immediately. I recall reading this statistic about 90% of text messages being read within 3 minutes. So a retail outlet can use technologies such as iBeacon to talk to their customers.


Big names like Cisco are getting into the tech side of things. Among many other things, such mobile technology allows brands and businesses to give customers personalized messages. This could even mean a message sent to their mobile device depending on the aisle that they are walking through, when in a supermarket. It is not just the physical space within the store either.


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Business also is investing heavily in responsive web design, mobile apps and features that are mobile friendly. This simply means that a website can be viewed on a smaller screen without any dilution of the viewing/information experience. People are also using mobile devices to search for information, make product comparisons, research their purchases before making them and asking their contacts for opinions via social networking. Truly, mobile seems to be everywhere when it comes to the shopping experience.



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Another interesting way in which people use mobiles can be seen in the emergence of dark stores. People can order online and enjoy service in a dotcom center! Well, this is being fuelled massively by smart phones, at least for Tesco here. The mobile is increasingly used to locate brands or outlets, use store – apps, avail discount coupons and even enjoy loyalty rewards. It would therefore be dangerous for a business owner to ignore the mobile real estate space in his digital mix!






















Mobile is leading the way when it comes to disruptive technology and shopping. Small wonder then that more and more smart businesses are making mobile strategies front and center in their sales and marketing mix. Business organizations really will have to come out of the cave and leave their batmobiles behind and supercharge their way forward with the smart phone!

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