Nelson Mandela – Timeless
Authored by: Monica  

How can a lifetime be measured in years? Does time even count when one human being lives a life as courageous and committed as Nelson Mandela? Yes, we know all the facts about him.


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Born in 1918, he founded the Youth League of African National Congress and went on to become ANC President too. Probably His Excellency Nelson Mandela’s greatest and enduring legacy will be his sustained war against the ghastly practice of apartheid. 1962 was when Mandela was imprisoned and 27 years followed in various prison establishments. But the fragile walls of prison would not hold his thoughts down, and 1990 gave him physical freedom too.


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The final nail in the coffin of racism and apartheid came when South Africa saw multiracial elections in 1994 and Mandela assumed his rightful position as President. With a characteristic focus on what really matters, Mandela made sweeping reforms in areas such as poverty, healthcare, HIV and AIDS and an immense array of charitable work thanks to his Foundation.


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5th December 2013 will only be a date to mark the physical passing of Madiba. As leaders of thought go, Mandela will live on forever and time will stand in salute to an elemental force of Nature.

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