No glossolalia for us!
Authored by: Monica  

At one point of time, a shop was a brick and mortar establishment and sold its goods primarily to a local market. Life was pretty simple. You open a shop in a small town somewhere and very soon you would know every citizen of that town because they would swing by your shop to buy something or the other. There was no question of selling your products to someone in a distant land. After all, that someone in a distant land would have his own local shop is it not!

While there still are shops like this in the world today, we are not one of them! is a multichannel business in so many ways. We have operations spread all over the world and more importantly, customers spread all over the world. We cannot afford to goof up on our communications, regardless of whether it is in English, Japanese, Russian or French. And this is where they can be absolutely no glossolalia for us! Our communications have to be clear because that is the only way we can make sense of all our operations.



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In fact, any business that wants to reach customers everywhere has to deal with multiple languages. A simple telephone call to any customer service center of almost any business organization will bring up a voice menu which will ask you to choose your preferred language. You know how it goes…. “Press 1 for English” .. or other numbers for other languages. And once you have selected the right number, you can finish all your transactions with someone or some automated voice who speaks your language.


At the end of the day, it is all about making the customer feel welcome – whether it is a physical or virtual shop. How delightful it is when you are greeted by someone who can speak just the way you do! Technology does indeed go a very long way in helping us communicate and converse with you and as an ancient Chinese saying goes, “To learn a language is to have one window from which to look at the world.” For a global business like ours, the more the windows, the more informed our point of view!

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