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A while ago, I read a couple of interesting articles on racing stripes. One of them had to do with the Raidillon Racing Stripes. A little more of background reading led me to another article about racing stripes itself. How interesting that so many products have chosen to adopt some form of the band, stripe, ribbon to give themselves a unique identity too. So, of course, we at DiscountShop had to browse our list of watches to pick up a few which have fabulous stripes of style to offer!


Daniel Wellington is one brand that has some marvelous striped straps. These watches are characterized by their simple dials and tough straps. Most importantly, most of the watches of this brand have ribbons of color running down their straps. So first off the block is the Daniel Wellington Men’s Classic Warwick 0205DW. Navy blue and green stripes for your wearing pleasure!

Daniel Wellington Men's Classic Warwick

Daniel Wellington Men’s Classic Warwick


From the same brand comes the Daniel Wellington Women’s Grace Glasgow 0552DW. There are so many color combinations to choose from in this series of watches, so please feel free to browse the selection. The cement gray offsets the navy blue on this strap perfectly.

Daniel Wellington Women's Grace Glasgow

Daniel Wellington Women’s Grace Glasgow


Red and black is a striking looking combination and it is the reason why the Seapro Men’s Raceway SP5112NR finishes on this podium. Again, there are many more Seapro combinations to choose from – so go right ahead and look around.

Seapro Men's Raceway

Seapro Men’s Raceway


We confess that you may find the Jivago Women’s Jolie JV3212W an offbeat choice in this list of watches but there is a strip of champagne running down this watch’s strap. Plus the horses on the dial are simply champing at the bit!

Jivago Women's Jolie

Jivago Women’s Jolie


A sporty brand has to have racing stripes and while there are so many to choose from, the black and white energy of the Adidas Questra ADP6085 catapulted it onto this list.

Adidas Questra

Adidas Questra


In complete contrast to the black and white looks of the watch above, the prodigious pink and spirited orange of the Michael Kors Women’s Ryland MK2401 are colors worth running with.

Michael Kors Women's Ryland

Michael Kors Women’s Ryland


The next watch on our list is the Armani Classic AR1061 and yes, the stripes are running the gamut of the dial on this one. Now that’s running with style alright! Red and blue has always been a sporting combination and with the Armani, they take on massive elegance too.

Armani Classic

Armani Classic


Speaking of energetic colors, we have to put another orange in this list. This time, it is from the house of Mulco. The Mulco Women’s Titans Wave MW5-1836-615 has a silicone strap and the color orange to distinguish it from so many other watches.

Mulco Women's Titans Wave

Mulco Women’s Titans Wave


Blue on blue leads you to the Christian Van Sant Men’s Speedway CV3121NBL. The accents of blue continue on the dial as well. Somehow, it evokes images of racing underwater!

Christian Van Sant Men's Speedway

Christian Van Sant Men’s Speedway


Make a racetrack for yourself on the dial of a watch and you have the Kr3w Women’s Freshman K1341GY. This young and fresh timepiece celebrates black and white ever so wonderfully.

Kr3w Women's Freshman

Kr3w Women’s Freshman


Considering that we spoke of Raidillon Racing Stripes at the start of this article, we have to do an orange and black combination here and that comes from the house of Hamilton. Amazing good looks comes together with performance in the Hamilton Pilot Pioneer H76552933.

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer


Our list ends with the Adidas Mini Santiago ADH2790. A brilliant blue and a dazzling white combination makes this timepiece dynamic and a galloping good watch.

Adidas Mini Santiago

Adidas Mini Santiago


Racing stripes are one of the best ways in which you can rev up your day. And when you look at your choice of colors every time you tell time, then you can rest assured that you will have a perfectly lovely day!

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