Of wormholes and time travel
Authored by: Sean  

According to Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” So if you are seeking true knowledge and an opening of the mind, would you be willing to travel back or forward in time as well? After all, why limit our imagination to travelling in the here and now is it not! Interestingly, there is a story that physicist Stephen Hawking said something to the effect of time travel not being possible because if it was otherwise then our world today would have been inundated by tourists from the future……


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Hawking also went on to say that the laws of physics do not allow travel back in time. But this fabulous cosmologist also stated that all the universe needs or a human being needs is a wormhole to travel from one dimension of time or the universe to the other. This fascinating concept first came into being when Einstein expounded his theory of relativity. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge or a wormhole is a tunnel that connects 2 points in the space time continuum. So you can enter the opening of this wormhole and exit it in another universe at a different time altogether.


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Interestingly, the concept of time travel is not very new. Different cultures around the world have their own explanation of how time can operate in very different manners in different worlds of universes. For instance, Japanese legend talks about Urashima Taro who actually thought he had gone just for 3 days to visit Ryuji, the Dragon God in his underwater realm. But when he returned to the surface he found that 3 centuries had gone by.


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Ancient Indian literature talks about Kakudmi who was a king and went to meet the creator of the world, Brahma, and waited for a musical performance to be over before he could see him. But, Kakudmi was informed that during this time, several million years had gone by on Earth. There is also the well-known story of the Seven Sleepers in Christianity, who actually went to sleep inside a cave but woke up only 180 years later. Did they also just travel through a wormhole and emerge unscathed?


Probably the most famous of time travel stories belongs to HG Wells but then there is also the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment. The US Navy worked on the premises of the Unified Field Theory in order to make the USS Eldridge, a destroyer escort, completely invisible to any enemy devices. This experiment took place, allegedly, in the year 1943 when the Eldridge apparently simply disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared in a location 200 miles away.




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Whether it is a question of believing in mythology or in experiments conducted by the U.S. Navy or even in fabulously enduring tales such as The Time Machine by HG Wells, travelling in time will always fascinate a large section of the population. Considering the fact that today’s movies, television serials, books and even digital media talk about time travel in an interesting manner, if nothing else, it is at least a fabulous way to open our mind to the greater possibilities of life.

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