Online Shopping Like Never Before With Cyber Monday
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Every year, on the Monday following Thanksgiving, online shoppers and eCommerce retailers get to go completely crazy with Cyber Monday. This is the virtual version of Black Friday!

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The tradition of Cyber Monday began when a few retailers, in the online world, noticed that their sales kind of spiked on a Monday after Thanksgiving weekend! The result of this observation? Massive deals and discounts that delight the online shopaholic. The term Cyber Monday came about in the year 2005. The National Retail Foundation is said to have coined this term. The growth of sales done on Cyber Mondays since then has been phenomenal. In 2005, online sales had touched $486 million. 2008 brought in $846 million. 2010 saw it touching $1028 million and 2012 was at a staggering $1465 million.


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Extensive online deals have ensured that online customers enjoy their shopping experience even more! There are quite a few countries that observe the tradition of Cyber Monday – USA of course, UK, Japan and Germany are just some of them. The one country that, unsurprisingly so, that does not follow this trend but has instead come up with its own version is China.


China has institutionalized November 11th – 11.11 – as Singles Day and this is a day when the Chinese can go full throttle riding the world of the internet for goodies. There are many interesting facets to this Chinese version! First is the fact that this is a day meant for single people and they get to revel in their “singledom”. It was started in 2009 as an antithesis to Valentine’s Day. There are perhaps 240 million online shoppers in China alone. Fascinatingly, the Chinese are allowed to buy only ‘Made in China’ goods. The ‘four 1s’ date also will exceed sales done on Cyber Monday in the USA – and do so comfortably.


Here is some perspective on how China shops! This year, Alibaba, the ecommerce magic maker in China brought in $5.7 billion in one, yes, one single day! In a direct comparison, this is 3 times more than the sales done on Cyber Monday last year! The Singles Day in China also brings in massive business to logistics companies.


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Between Cyber Monday and Singles Day, the world of online shopping can become a rather enriching experience! Online retailers are evolving better ways and means of selling their products to customers and customers are willing to wait for one day in one year to make their purchases for brands and products that delight them. It would be immensely interesting to see if this year’s Cyber Monday comes anywhere close to the sales done by China. So, may we say, get ready, finger on your mouse, click?

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