Painting The Hands Of Time
Authored by: Sean  

Art in all its forms transcends time. Perhaps one can go to the extent of saying that it defines the times that people live in. For instance, what you know is contemporary or modern Art today did not define sensibilities a few years ago. Sculptures that are almost surrealistic and paintings that seem ambiguous seem to be par for the course today. But, there was a time when art was all about imitating nature. Probably the best known example of such an art form was the movement known as art nouveau which started off somewhere in the 1880s.


For instance, if you were to look at the watches created by Heuer in the early 1900s or the watches by Tiffany, you can see a distinct influence of the Art Nouveau style. Today, there are plenty of creations, including wristwatches that continue to be inspired by the art nouveau style.


There is also another side to the connection between art and wristwatches. Take the work done by Salvador Dali. Known best for his surrealistic paintings, isn’t it interesting to know that Dali is one of the inspirations behind the Cartier Crash watch? If you were to look at his work titled The Persistence of Memory and the watch itself, you will be struck by the amazing resemblance. Imagine wearing a Dali on your wrist!


Image –


Then there is Prachuap Chaikham-udom whose work titled Time of a Rose is haunting and will take your breath away. Is beauty ephemeral or is that a limited view of the world around us? After all, when you see a magnificent sight, the impact of the experience stays deep within your soul and heart and mind is it not?


It is not just painters who have led us to change the way we look at time. The fabulous sculptor Mauricio Matta molded metals of various kinds into Guardião do Tempo or Time Guardian. This hero is ready to jump time to fight evil.


For an artist, time is just a framework for his thoughts I guess. Time is never limited to a watch or clock in the hands of an artist! So the next time you don your favorite wristwatch, would it not be enchanting to dwell on the artistry that went into the making of this gadget? As the hands of the watch sweep along, perhaps they are painting and sculpting your life delightfully!

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