Pebble – A Watch That Actually May Be Ahead Of Its Time
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Convergence is a big deal when it comes to technology. Increasingly, lines between various kinds of devices are blurring. So you have a cellphone + camera or a handheld smartphone that allows you to check email.

The one thing that seems to be at the center of all this convergence is the smart phone or cellular phone. Quite a few designers are coming up with devices that “absorb” the qualities of a cell phone. One of the new kids on the block is Eric Migicovsky. His creation is the Pebble E-Paper Jet Black, among other colors!


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Here is what he has done to change the way we tell time.

Migicovksy’s creation is the Pebble  E-Paper and among many other things, it can

  • - Synchronize with various smart phones,
  • - Change its looks, thanks to the 8 types of display, with more to come
  • - Give you notifications on calls, emails and so on,
  • - Be customized with a range of apps

The Pebble E-Paper Jet Black is an amazing watch on all counts. The “E-Paper” in its name stands for the technology behind its display which, thanks to the anti-glare optical coating allows you to read time even under bright sunlight. Its LCD display has a higher degree of reflective power and this makes the watch’s icons and text and numbers stand out really clearly.


It is also a Bluetooth device that you can connect to quite a few smart phones. This syncing will enable you to get notifications on email messages and messages from social media sites.

You can also use the Pebble to identify who is calling you! And if you do not have the time for this caller simply flick your wrist and the notification will disappear!

You can also change the look of the E-Paper because the guys at Pebble have given you 8 different watch faces to play around with.


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Even more remarkable is the fact that this watch is a product of a Kickstarter project. In fact, it was one of the most successful projects of this nature of the year 2012.

The Pebble E-Paper Watch raised a whopping $10 million simply because it changed all the paradigms when it comes to the wristwatch.

It is also fascinating to note that there are plenty of other companies working on the “smart watch” concept.


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Interesting times ahead? You betcha!



Pebble Kickstarter Video from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

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