Putting Some Oomph Into Office Wear
Authored by: Sean  

Now, if you are the kind of individual who believes in dressing extremely conservatively to office then this article is probably not for you! But, do try and read through because the world of office wear? It is indeed a changing! There was a time when people went to office dressed kind of similar to each other. Suits, ties and extremely conservative accessories were par for the course.


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But today, more and more business leaders are opting to do away with the shackles of formal office wear and turning the spotlight full on something known as the casual business attire. People are not really afraid of color anymore either.


At the forefront of this change as far as the dress code at the workplace is concerned is probably the software sector which believes in standing everything on its head. Keeping pace with this trend of casual wear at the office and getting rid of the good old necktie, is the change in watches as well. Big is in! In a big way! According to The Advertiser, Big Watches are a sign of confidence.


If you are setting foot into the casual business attire space for the first time, then you can probably go in for a mix-and-match of bright colors and sober colors like a jacket and progress from there. Take a look at this image to begin with and you get the idea !



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You could also wear a splash of color on your wrist with a watch such as the Marc-Jacobs Rock Chronograph.



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