Seiko Premier SNP005P1
Authored by: Dave  

A bunch of cool features in this watch, especially with the auto relay function, leap year window and the clasp in the leather strap. The watch shows up really well under low light too!


Hi everyone and welcome to Here we have for you a Seiko Premier SNP005P1. On this 40mm black dial, we can see that there is this interesting leap year window here. So 2014 is +2 as the last leap year was 2012. Over here at the 6’o clock position we have a month dial indicating which month of the year we are in. lastly we have a 12/24 hour dial here near the 4 o clock position. This model also provides date window at the 12 o clock position. The dial also is strengthened with a sapphire crystal. Let’s take a quick look at this in the dark.

Seiko Premier SNP005P1

Seiko Premier SNP005P1

Now, coming on the strap, we can see that there is a fold over clasp. This means that you don’t have to adjust the length and just push the button to slide the watch off. Lastly, this watch comes with a really cool feature where it “sleeps” to preserve the battery. If you pick it up after 24 hours of it being left idle, you’d have to shake it and it would come back to the normal date and time. This is a Seiko technology that preserves the battery life called the auto relay feature. To check out more Seiko watches, head over to and thank you for watching.



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