Swatch Touch SURW100
Authored by: Dave  

Hi everyone and welcome to Here we have a Swatch Touch SURW100. As you can see, this watch has a very distinct look to it. If you can’t already tell, this is a touch Unisex watch from Swatch. Let’s check out all the other features before we get to the touch aspect. The dial size here is 39mm and the bracelet is made out of white silicone. As you can see on the strap here, there are some ridges on the back with a standard buckle. The case back has a battery here. Now to the touch. There are some basic functions in this watch – it shows you time 1 and 2, date, chronograph, alarm and timer. It has a quick start piece identifying the basic functions.

Swatch Touch SURW100

Swatch Touch SURW100


If you see here, these three marks are known as the tactile area. If you touch these two corners, it activates the interface. If you slide, it scrolls through the basic functions. You can set the functions by holding this middle button/marker for 1.5 seconds. To confirm, you have to tap on to the middle pad. You can also activate the light, which I will show you in the dark by pressing these buttons. Overall, this is a watch that one has to get used to, the interface is not the friendliest overall, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it would be a nice watch to play around with. The future of touch gadgets is looking bright with such watches in the market. To check out more Swatch watches, head over to and thank you for watching.


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