Talking about the games people play now
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How do you play games? And that’s a literal question! Not one loaded with psychological undertones!! Chances are pretty high that you have your favorite game stowed away in your smartphone and you pull it out almost anywhere and get your fix of a few minutes of irate fowl, candies of various kinds or battles between plants and zombies. And one place where you can get plenty of news and happenings about everything in the world of games is the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo. Unfolding in LA, this Expo is all about the serious world of games!

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If you love blood, gore, action unlimited and mayhem most profound, then E3 has a positively sumptuous array of games. Can you imagine Microsoft presenting a game titled “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” where an arm amputation is on full display? Other games which inflict various kinds of damage on the anatomy include “Mortal Kombat X” and “Assassin’s Creed” Unity”. I am pretty sure that some of the games should really come with hugely detailed advisory or cautionary notes! It’s not a pretty world here!


Fantastic worlds, futuristic times are also pretty popular themes out here. There is the lovely visuals of “Evolve” which has some amazing monsters. There is also the need to protect mankind from extinction in the game “Halo: Combat Evolved”. And if you love totally capricious creatures then head into the world of LittleBigPlanet 3. And how about “Splatoon” which has squids galore!


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There are some old time favorites and well-known characters also, coming back with the E3, in a bigger way! Batman, Aliens a la Ridley Scott, Pac-Man and many others are playing it out at the venue. There are well established names when it comes to developers as well. Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony are all doing some massively interesting things. You can also check out the hardware on display at the Oculus Rift and Sony booths. Virtual reality has taken on astounding dimensions altogether.


E3 is also a haven for meeting and interacting with some amazing developers on the games scene. Whether it is well known companies like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts or people like Matthew Kumar, Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard working for labels and companies, E3 is a place populated with some of the best designer and technical brains! The sheer artistry of their work puts these people and companies in a league of their own. Take a look at just one such story of DICE:



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E3 points to a future of indie games and virtual reality. Powerful graphics and smoother interface will certainly win bigger market shares. You will have to wait a little bit for some of these games to hit your screens but then good things are worth waiting for right? And when it comes to the games people play, then it is really all about gearing up for the right strategies and getting into the right frame of mind to defeat your human and non-human opponents!!

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