The ABCs Of Your Watch
Authored by: Sean  

Today’s wristwatches have some rather interesting parts that keep them ticking. Here are the ABCs of such interesting parts and components.


A is for Analog watches which tell time with the help of hands and markers or numbers.

B is for bezel which is the ring that surrounds the crystal (explained below!) of the watch.

C is for crystal which is the see-through cover on the dial of your watch.

D is for digital watch that will tell time in numbers alone.

E stands for escapement and controls the movement of the hands.

F is for fly-back which is a big part of chronograph watches.

G is a rather highbrow letter because it stands for Guilloché, the intricate dial pattern

H is rather easy to understand because it stands for hand.

I Incabloc is all about shock absorption and this is a trademark.

J has to be about jewels and yes, it is a literal term too!

K  may we say that you can kill time effectively by doing nothing?

L call it light or luminescence and enables people to see (literally)  time.

The Movement of a watch – either quartz or mechanical

NATO qualified straps are made from a certain grade of nylon and steel hardware.

Even watches have Openness – as in exhibition cases.

P is for power reserve indicator.

Q has to stand for quartz which has helped many watchmakers

The popularity of Rose Gold is undeniable.

S is for kinds of Sub Dials which have a range of functions.

T has to be for the brilliant tachymeter function.

Could we say that U stands for underwater? Thanks to the diver’s watches available.

V stands for vibrations which help power the hands of a watch.

W must indeed stand for The Watch that can add panache to your personality

What a difficult task it is to find a feature of a watch that begins with the letter X! But can we venture to think of a watch in the future that has x-ray vision?

The world of watches is Yours for the taking.

Z stands for Zero Gravity and watches qualified by NASA for space flights.



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  1. Srividya S says:

    What an interesting take on the English alphabet!

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