The Amazing Atacama
Authored by: Sean  

My life also consists of a bit of travel here and there. Have seen a few countries and enjoyed the many different things that came my way too. But I must confess that Luke and Amy being in Chile is the most interesting thing happening to me right now.

I also confess that I am living a rather voyeuristic life right now because I am enjoying the fabulous Atacama Desert thanks to the phone calls and letters I am receiving from them.

Luke and Amy are a couple and their love for travel and taking on Mother Nature’s less-loving side brought them together years ago. This time they decided to go off into the yonder and sample the delights; if you can call it that; of the Atacama desert in North Chile.

We met up before they left and they had done all this homework. One of the biggest components was to get survival tips from larger-than-life heroes such as Bear Grylls.

One of his most interesting tips was to stay hungry and to drink only small sips of water during the day. The more you eat, apparently, the thirstier it makes you! Therefore, you are supposed to only nibble at just enough food to give you energy.

As we were talking, I could not help but recommend that they pick up a couple of watches from our Luminox stable. It was going to be their 10th year of togetherness and I thought it would be great fun to give them watches which would commemorate their visit to the Atacama.

For Amy, it was a Luminox Atacama Chronograph 1843. Yes, it is a man’s watch but slim enough to flatter the feminine wrist as well!


Luke picked up a Luminox Atacama Field Chronograph Alarm 1942.

By their letters they tell me that the Atacama happens to be the driest desert in the world. It is most famous for its salt lakes. This desert also holds the distinction of being the oldest one on this planet. This region has probably never seen rains and has been classified as being hyperarid. The Atacama is indeed a delightful place if you are interested in unique weather phenomena. Apparently the desert sees snow! Take a look at the video below:

There is a spot of humidity here which has allowed some rather colorful flowers and herbs to thrive in a few pockets. Amy tells me that she is particularly fond of the Atacama lizard. Speaking of animal life, Luke apparently loved the sight of the Andean flamingoes and Humboldt penguins which can be found closer to the coastline. There is a chance to chill out at the beaches in cities such as Antofagasta and Arica as well.

In the middle of all this desert landscape is a bit of human civilization as well. There is the San Pedro de Atacama which is best known for its Spanish church dating back to around 1577 or so.I can safely state that their descriptions have allowed me to visit Atacama virtually! Perhaps on my next travel, I can take in some other desert in some other part of the world!

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