The Amazing World Of Delicate Swiss Precision
Authored by: Sean  

If terms like “attention to detail” and “impeccable precision” can be applied to a country then Switzerland will win all these monikers hands down. Take a look at some of the things that Switzerland is famous for –army knives, cheeses, chocolate and watches. Each of these products carries the Swiss penchant for quality and refinement. Whenever people talk about any of these products anywhere in the world, it is often prefixed by the word “Swiss” much like a brand name!

While there is no denying the fact that chocolate and cheese can fill your tummy, the watches of Switzerland can fill your soul.

You may associate Victorinox with Swiss Army knives and you will not be wrong but you can also get some great watches under the same brand-name such as the Victorinox Summit !

This little country accounts for almost 50% of the watches produced in the world. As of February 2013, and according to data released by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, the world sported Swiss watches in the following manner

Did you also know that the watchmaking industry in Switzerland has had an amazing run since the year 1541? The term ‘Swiss made’ is now an industry standard in watches.

Such is the remarkable commitment to making watches, that Switzerland is famous for the colorful and revolutionary Swatch which made use of plastic to create watches which everyone wore.


There are plenty of fabulous watches that proudly carry the label of ‘Swiss Made’ such as the Hamilton Khaki Conservation Automatic

Did you also know that at the other end of the spectrum from Swatch lies another Swiss company Patek Philippe which, a few decades ago brought out the Calibre 89 which took nine years in the making and had 1728 parts to be precise?

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