The Apple Does Not Fall From The Tree
Authored by: Sean  

The buzz around the already famous Apple watch does remind me of all the activity that takes place in a beehive in a tree! I am aware that wearable technologies, especially smartwatches have become quite the rage these days. Everybody is talking about the various applications that you can access from a wrist-based device.


But, is not a smartwatch just a mere extension of your smart phone? In most cases, you will need to pair your smartwatch with your smart phone in order to enjoy the full range of smart capabilities. Ergo, the apples (read smartwatches) do not really fall too far from the trees (read smart phones) is it not?


The ‘smart’ in a smart watch simply points to its capabilities and functionalities. It can never ever point to its looks, charisma and such. Tell me how even the limited edition Apple Watch can ever hope to achieve the beauty of a classic Omega or most other watches.

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There is a definite sense of beauty in the caress of a good old, ‘normal’ wristwatch. A smartwatch is just limited to being a gadget – a digital presence. Not a being with which you can develop a warm, sentimental, fuzzy relationship.


Don’t get me wrong – I am not anti-smartwatch – Apple or any other. But it is not a watch right? It is, to reiterate, a device that allows you to access your smartphone from your wrist. Yes, it can tell time but that’s perhaps incidental to its purpose and not the main function! A smartwatch can never really be a collectible. It cannot be something that you pass from one generation to another. It is not something that can be accessorized specifically with specific clothes.


Family traditions cannot be suffused into a smartwatch! The latest smartwatch today will probably be outdated in the next 6 months, maybe less. Whereas, you can still find people wearing the watches that their grandparents wore several decades ago. This is simply because there is a sense of connectedness to the time of the past that a ‘normal’ watch can give you.


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Technology is great – after all it is some kind of technology that powers the traditional watches too! But if you want to make a style statement of any kind or simply be well-dressed, you have to turn away from a smartwatch. You cannot hope that a little square or circle of rubber and digital wizardry will come across as super chic.

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