The aura of aurum
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The overriding power of gold can perhaps be summed up easily! Despite the all-powerful Warren Buffet not being a huge fan of investing in gold, most of us still consider this as a precious commodity and desire it with an almost primal, emotional and deep rooted love. Such is the aura of gold that it has taken on many different forms in today’s world and each one of them is treasured! So, whether you are talking about edible gold or gold that is placed as part of interior décor and even plumbing fixtures, this wonderful yellow metal signifies everything plush and opulent.



Gold can evoke so many different reactions. In India, for instance, it is associated with weddings in a big way. The more the gold that adorns a young bride, the more the social status of the family! Gold may not be such a big deal in the Western world when it comes to ornaments but there are many other ways that it becomes important. Watches, cell phones, car ornaments, financial transactions, beauty products, investments, clothes, conductors in various kinds of electronics, dentistry and even in surgical equipment – gold finds a place in all of them.


Of course, there is always the fact that gold is also used in creating many an award! The Academy Awards and the Grammy awards are just 2 such examples. Gold leaf is also a huge part of architecture. You simply have to look at Burj Al Arab to know how gold leaf has played such a huge; literally and figuratively; role in this massive building’s construction. There is also edible gold leaf which finds its way on wedding cakes, chocolates and various kinds of culinary art.


Matching up to the gold standard therefore is perhaps a huge achievement and the term can be applied allegorically and practically. In the practical domain, a carat (and even though it sounds like the root vegetable, it is not!) is used to measure the purity of gold. Thus, you can get 12-carat gold ranging up to 24-carat gold. 24-carat gold simply means that that particular chunk of metal is almost 100% gold. By same measure, 12-carat gold will simply imply that it brings together 12 parts gold and 12 parts other metals. Carats normally come into play when you are talking about jewelry.


Further, if you are trying to assess the quality of jewelry then you can also look for something known as hallmarks. Interestingly enough, hallmarks hark back to the 4th century A.D. and are used today in various countries around the world to indicate the quality of precious metals, including gold. These official hallmarks differ from country to country and can often take the form of letters, figures, numbers and so on.


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Gold exists in a world which perhaps is slightly dichotomous! There is the emotional side of things which gets people to buy this seductive metal for its luminous good looks. There is also a world filled with carats, measurements and hallmarks and trading in gold. Why, gold can even be the bridge between heaven and earth because as Christopher Columbus said, “Gold is a treasure and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world and succeeds in helping souls into paradise.” Regardless of the reason for your interest in gold, chances are pretty high that you will continue your love affair with gold and simply give in to the aura of sheer sumptuousness that it exudes.

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