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Gone are the days when lucrative careers were to be found in the fields of medicine, engineering, academics, law and so on. The future belongs to data scientists. The quants or quantitative analysts are going to rule the world in a very short time to come; if they are not already doing so! Data is everywhere and for an Internet business, managing data should be an almost automaton kind of thing to do. An online retailer’s website is indeed pretty much like a self-operating machine.

This is inevitable. Take a business like ours. Our offices and warehouses are spread in quite a few locations all over the world. Our merchandise moves across continents in a matter of a few days. We have to ensure that the right product reaches the right person at the right time. Logistics, details, personnel, systems and many other things have to come together seamlessly. While it would be great to have a human being or two to do this for us entirely, we need to rely vastly on the right kind of automation as well.

The right kind of automation means that we gets to manage product listings, pricing, uploading images and videos on our YouTube channel and so on. All of which is geared to delivering the right kind of information to a user or client such as you. The user interface of such automation results in your being able to pick out a watch which has a silver bracelet, blue dial and Arabic numbers within less than a minute.





There are just simply too many variables to handle and cutting-edge technology allows an Internet business like to ensure that customer experience is key to shopping satisfaction. Of course, we have some ‘real’ man (and woman) power at work as well. Customer queries for instance can certainly be handled up to a point by sections such as FAQs, online forums and self-help pages but for more assistance you can turn to facilities such as online chats and even the good old telephone call or email.

That being said, the need for automation can never be ruled out if you are talking about an online business. Managing communications, tracking product deliveries, handling product related complaints and customer feedback are some of the things that automation can certainly help in. Yes of course, creating such ‘automation processes’ has been done by a human being at the end of the day! But, there is no getting away from the fact that at some point of time human beings will have to defer to and work with the machines and algorithms when it comes to delivering better customer satisfaction.

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Getting into the automaton avatar is a necessity rather than option in today’s markets of high competition and sophisticated technology. It allows us to manage all the communications that you send our way and enables you to make payments, track your orders and do a lot more simply by visiting our website. We may have a great product to sell but unless we are able to communicate with you through both – humans and technology, we would fail miserably in our business! ‘Self operating machine’ is therefore a pretty nice way to describe almost any online business.

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