The ‘Big Brown’ way to logistics success
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As one of the big players in the logistics and courier industry, UPS or Big Brown has come a long way since its founding in 1907. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this company’s growth has been its constant focus on providing the best service possible, at the most optimum rates and an almost single-minded determination to serve and enable global commerce.

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James E.Casey founded UPS in 1907 after borrowing the princely sum of $100. Way back in history, his business motto was “best service and lowest rates”. At that time, the delivery area was restricted to Seattle Washington. A few years later, the sizes of consignments, team strength and even delivery area had shown considerable growth and it was in the year 1919 that the company not only donned the name of United Parcel Service but also set about conquering the world when it came to logistics. UPS has made a niche for itself by focusing on specialized services for global commerce. Today, it boasts of covering more than 6.1 million customers all over the world. UPS services account for an average of 15 million packages in a day. This is staggering indeed!


Another salient feature that has contributed to the spectacular success of UPS has been its ability to transform itself almost completely every single time. UPS has made global supply chain management a thing of sophisticated beauty simply because it has not only focused on the physical transportation of goods but also invested in information technology that goes along with it. Take a look at how UPS has deployed geospatial technology.


Not many leading courier companies can boast of a division that manages supply chain solutions but UPS has its UPS Supply Chain Solutions that has one goal only. And that is to improve customer satisfaction because of the way they manage their global supply chains. Another innovation that UPS got into was the establishment of retail businesses. UPS managed to do this by acquiring Mail Boxes Etc. Inc. in the year 2001 and then establishing franchise outlets under the brand of The UPS Store which delivered cost-effective services.


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UPS has also brought in many an innovation in order to up its green quotient. Electric vehicles used in New York City, vehicles that run on CNG or compressed natural gas and even focusing on sustainable practices has also given UPS an edge when it comes to the market. Finally, UPS can also credit its growth because of its various strategic and successful acquisitions. For instance, by acquiring Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, UPS upped its capacity to take care of air freight. UPS has also acquired companies in various parts of the world in order to further its presence there.

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Thus, from a group of people who specialized in delivering messages to a company that now has revenues of US$ 54.1 billion, the Big Brown has indeed shown a true and abiding love for logistics.

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