The brilliant story of Luminox
Authored by: Sean  

What do tritium, select military groups, luminescence and space expeditions have in common? Well, Luminox of course! This watch brand has grown by leaps and bounds or should we say lumen and candela to become a premier product when it comes to wristwatches. Truly, this is one brand that has put the Lux in Luxury of technology! So where does its story begin?

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The Richard Barry Marketing Group founded by Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo, focused on finding and capitalizing on exceptional products made of exceptional technology. This led them to discovering a self-powering light technology made in Switzerland. With the acquisition of this technology, the Richard Barry Marketing Group also decided to give this technology the iconic name of Luminox Light Technology. Founded in 1989, this brand – Luminox – changed the way people look at watches. Literally!


The connection of Luminox with the US military forces begins in 1993. The company had produced a dive watch then and it caught the attention of Nick North, a procurement officer for the Navy SEALs. This resulted in a working partnership between North and Cohen that resulted in Model 3001, a watch made only for the elite SEALs.


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From then it was simply a question of bodies such as the US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, US Coast Guard and even the bobsled team of the USA seeing the light, the Luminox way. Luminox has made branded watches for almost all these groups and more. Perhaps one of the biggest partnerships for Luminox has been with Lockheed Martin, sometime around 2000.  Some of the most popular models of Luminox watches are designed based on Lockheed Martin crafts.


2006 saw a further boost in the luminescence quotient of this company because Ronnie and Andre Bernheim of Mondaine Watch fame joined the Luminox management. Luminox has also partnered with Tony Kanaan and Scott Cassell. Perhaps one of the most exciting alliances has been with the Space Expedition Corporation. After having covered land, water and sea, guess space is the only frontier left to conquer!


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Luminox has also covered all major adventure sports and made watches with features required by outdoor aficionados. This is one watch that has gone beyond the tritium technology and mastered the worlds of illumination and performance.

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