The colors of love
Authored by: Monica  

My love is like a red, red rose, said Robert Burns

Pink it was love at first sight, said Aerosmith


Tell me again, why are reds and pinks associated with love? Why can’t I tell the one I love that my love is like a blue, blue hibiscus? I love the flower and I love the color! But no, it has to be red or it has to be pink. Perhaps no day celebrates these colors are and their association with love more than Valentine’s Day! Which actually leaves very little choice in terms of colors and using them to exhibit your love for that special somebody in your life! The roses have to be red or pink. The gifts have to be gift wrapped in red or pink. It is all about candy, bows, dresses and everything else in between – and they certainly have to be red or pink.


I guess it harks back to the psychology of color. There are certain shades and tints that we associate with something, perhaps even unconsciously. For instance, blue, more often than not is associated with something poisonous. Ah, perhaps that is why I cannot profess my love in terms of a blue hibiscus! White is associated with something pure and virginal. Green is often associated with freshness and so on. So when you take the color pink, it has been associated with the feminine spirit and tenderness. Rosy dawns, blushing cheeks, a baby’s color – all of them get associated with pink. Small wonder then that pink is the color of Love indeed.

Image –


So what are the gifts that you can buy in pink? Well, almost anything! You have pink electronic appliances, dresses of course, perfume bottles, writing instruments, laptops, cars and even Rosé wine. You could also include pink gemstones to this list. As always, there are plenty of pink watches to choose from. Almost every leading watch brand has some extraordinarily fabulous pink colored watches. Nixon, Fossil, Marc-Jacobs and Adidas are just some of them. Incidentally, pink is not a color limited to women alone! Guys also have plenty of options in terms of pink watches.


If you want pink that is unapologetic about its strength, then you could check out the unisex  Nixon Rubber 51-30 A236 Shocking Pink.

Nixon Rubber 51-30 A236 Shocking Pink


A slightly less pink unisex watch could be the Marc-Jacobs Sloane MBM8594.

Marc-Jacobs Sloane MBM8594


Give a woman a gift which has pink stones in it and you know she is going to love it, so why not the subtle pink DKNY Glitz NY8476?

DKNY Glitz NY8476

A very masculine watch in gentle colors? Check out the TW-Steel CEO Tech Special Edition CE4006!

TW-Steel CEO Tech Special Edition CE4006


So what if you want to show a little bit more of passion when it comes to love? You really cannot go wrong with red! Red, in almost all its shades gets associated with blood, our life spring! Interestingly enough, the word ‘red’ also has its roots in the Sanskrit word rudhira which means blood/red. Incidentally, a lot of people also state that red is one color that can make the heart go boom! Red gifts? Plenty of choice there as well! Red roses, all kinds of fruit that are red – think strawberries, and rubies and coral can be in the mix as well. And yes, you can never really go wrong with a red wristwatch so here are a few ideas for that as well.


Image -

Image –


There is also the almost totally red and impeccably stylish Armani Exchange Analog AX1235.

Armani Exchange Analog AX1235


A massively stylish dial is the standout feature of the Casio Women’s Classic. This slim watch is extremely eye-catching indeed.

Casio Women's Classic


Most men love the power of the Diesel Chronograph DZ4289.

Diesel Chronograph DZ4289

Choosing red and pink to be the ‘master theme’ of the day come Valentine’s Day this year is a fun, romantic and lovely thing to do indeed. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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