The healing power of time
Authored by: Sean  

When you look at your life, the years that have gone by, what you are doing currently and what is to come, you will certainly realize that time is one of the biggest ‘characters’ in your life. People go through happiness, sorrow, challenges, trials and tribulations, achievements, failures and even regret. No human being is exempt from all these experiences. Happy events give us strength and confidence. Challenges make us stronger or weaker. Trials and tribulations can either be a stepping stone to something bigger or leave us completely frustrated. Achievements are something that we either will rest upon or use as leverage to do even better.


The one thing that perhaps has the biggest power to break us is sorrow, is unhappiness. It could be almost anything at all – a career that has not taken off, a relationship that has broken down completely, the death of a loved one, too many regrets to handle, physical injuries and so on. Each of us develops a certain mechanism to deal with it all. Probably the best way is to really walk through all the pain and take each day as it comes. Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to give your body and mind some time. Yes, time indeed can have immense healing power.


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Interestingly, there was a study done by the Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey. It focused on the physical injuries that an individual goes through. This was with special attention to concussion. The study revealed that even taking a week off from all physical and mental activity led to significant enhancements in an individual’s symptoms. Just a week! In this study, 49 people went through a week of complete inactivity which also included a ban on socializing with friends, watching TV, working on the computer and so on. Symptoms related to concussion which included trouble concentrating and recurrent headaches showed immense improvement.


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If a week can result in an improvement on the physical front, what would one year do? How about 2 or even 20? There are stories about how people have gone through life carrying some immense burdens in their hearts and minds. These burdens could be the result of some sorrow or traumatic event that they have gone through. But, their life completely changes because they are simply unable to make any kind of space for any kind of happiness or lightness of being. Carrying a burden of sorrow can be the one thing that is so difficult to get rid of.

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But, one simply must endeavor to shift viewpoints. And this perhaps can be done only with the passing of time. Take the example of the 20-year long study that was conducted by the Brunel University. It found that people often went through ephemeral joy. They also went through life altering events that changed them for the worse. Interestingly, this study resulted in the finding that traumatic events could stretch and stress a human being but like a spring, he or she can also return to a state of equanimity.


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Stoicism is another powerful tool that comes into play with the passage of time. If one can simply find the strength to live/breathe/think for the next minute, then it gets easier thereafter. Moving on – one has to choose the direction and take the first step. How does one heal with the passing of time?  Is it easier to state that a human being simply shifts mental gears to deal with the changes? Time after all, by itself, cannot deliver happiness in your hands. It is what we make of time that heals us on a permanent basis.



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