The Importance Of Taking Time Off
Authored by: Monica  

It may give you a sense of purpose to be a workaholic. Being extraordinarily busy every day in your office is something to look forward to indeed. After all, at the end of the day we do feel appreciated and valued when we go home after a hard day’s work. However, it is equally important to take time off as well. Living by the clock or by the watch can put an intangible and infinite pressure on the human body and heart. So taking time off is something that more and more business organizations are stressing upon. Interestingly, there are many ways in which organizations and individuals structure this “time off”.

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Stefan Sagmeister, he of designer fame, actually closes his design studio for one whole year. Of course, he does so after 7 years of extraordinarily brilliant and hard work. Equally interestingly, this once-in-7-years-1-year sabbatical is not frittered away in mindless activities. According to Sagmeister, it gives him time to revisit his vision, create energy and give himself more focus to create even more brilliant designs. Now that is superb indeed. His talk in TED is enlightening, to say the least -


























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A study published in Harvard Business Review also points to the fact that getting away from work can allow an individual to contribute even more. Less is definitely more when it comes to taking time off and doing work. I was reading this article a few days ago about a little software development company that actually structures its office hours according to the seasons! How interesting it is to work just for 4 days a week, 32 hours a day, between May and October! What is more amazing is the fact that there has been absolutely no change in work output even though the company’s people are working lesser.

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Certainly this looks like I am making a very strong case for longer breaks and leisurely vacations but the truth of the matter is that taking such time off from work only propels people to come back ‘with a vengeance’ and work at even more productive levels. Whether you take time off to enjoy the simple pleasures of life or to travel or simply to spend time with friends and family or in blissful solitude – there is absolutely no denying the fact that taking a break from office and living life “watch free” can indeed be the best way in which you can recharge your batteries.













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