The killing fields of time
Authored by: Monica  

In a world driven by schedules, timetables, appointments and clocks and watches of different kinds, there is also the very real category of people who do not believe too much in the concept of time! Ask them what they are doing and they will reply rather nonchalantly, “Oh nothing, just killing time.” Frighteningly regularly too.


Do not all of us have friends who simply do not turn up on time – regardless of whether it is a party or a business meeting? Tardiness is something that is very rarely thought of as being fashionable in the world of business. Procrastination is also something that can completely change the course of a career for an individual. And yet, there are plenty of people who simply seem to be unable to or will not adhere to the known concepts of time that most of us follow.


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Yes, I understand that life is not only about sticking to the grindstone. It is also about being spontaneous and doing things which have not been planned for. However, in the world of business this may not always be possible. In fact, quite a few offices resort to penalizing the employees who come late. Of course, there are workplaces which also let you be. Come whenever, go whenever – as long as you get the job done. Flexi time, working from home or working to a very specific 9 to 5 structure. What do you think suits you?


Having been on both sides of the fence, I must admit that having a flexible schedule actually put a bigger deal of responsibility on me! I had to decide, prioritize, categorize and then figure out how to work. Of course it gave me plenty of free time to do my “own thing” but it also meant a greater deal of accountability.


Whichever method of working you may choose, one thing that you must never be guilty of is killing time. This includes tardiness as well. There was this rather interesting study done by a company and it turned out that if an employee who is earning $60,000 per year as salary were to even be 15 minutes late every day, the direct cost to the company would be around $4700 every year. May not sound like much but imagine if there were a larger number of employees coming just a tad bit late every now and then!


Loss of time is loss of productivity – there can be no debate about that. It also has a cascading effect. Coming late to work or starting a task late even by a few minutes means setting off a domino effect that will have its effect until an individual goes to sleep at night. Nobody really wins in a race against time! It will leave you pretty exhausted!  And is it not just a sheer waste of effort to simply kill time doing nothing productive on a regular basis?


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