The last word in Olympic timekeeping
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Football – that’s one sport that’s on everybody’s mind these days. ‘tis the season of sports, sizzling energy and unabashed support for your favorite teams. Which got us thinking about many other things related to sports and how timekeeping has played a very important role in this arena. Even as Hublot is making its mark at FIFA Brazil, one other ‘venerable name’ associated with sports is Omega. This watch brand has linked itself inextricably with the Olympics and has been leaping from strength to strength when it comes to data management and timekeeping as well.



Hark back to the year 1948 because this is when Omega’s association with the Olympic began with its water resistant photoelectric cell. There have been many firsts when it comes to Omega and the Olympics. For instance, this was the first brand to come up with electronic timing which made its debut in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. There was also the introduction of Quantum Timers in the 2012 London games. Interestingly, Omega became the official timekeeper for Olympics in 1932 when it created 30 high precision chronographs which were amazingly accurate and could be used across all sports. Since they found official certification from the National Physics Laboratory in the USA, the Olympic Organizing Committee chose Omega as timekeeping partner.


While introduction of new equipment in terms of timekeeping has indeed gone a very long way to make Omega a superlative Olympian brand, there is also the fact that over the years, this watch company has been bringing out special edition timepieces as well. The very recent case has been the Omega Sochi Petrograd. There was also the Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial London 2012 and the spectacular looking Omega Seamaster XXIX Limited Edition for the Beijing games. Perhaps the most fabulous looking watch when it comes to the Olympics collection from Omega is the Speedmaster 5-counter chronograph which has the sub dials in the shape of the Olympic rings.



It is not simply about special edition watches and other electronic timing systems, Omega has also concentrated on data management technologies. This goes a long way in measuring the performance of elite athletes. For instance, Omega has contact pads – Swim-O-Matic – which are deployed in swimming competitions and are impervious to splashes of water. There is also the magnificent starting block that this company developed for the 1948 London Olympics which could get really granular when it came to visibility into the reaction times of the sprinters.



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Swimming, sailing, golf, Bobsleigh, athletics and so many other events; some of which are not even part of the Olympics; have all got the quality stamp of Omega. This magnificent watch brand has been pivotal when it comes to measuring times accurately to a thousandth of a second and allowing the world to wait with bated breath to see which of the athletes has taken the gold! Omega may be the last letter when it comes to the Greek alphabet but in the world of Olympic timekeeping, this is one brand that will always be in the forefront of things.

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