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The wristwatch industry is all about precision. Design, technology, complications – everything has to work with exact mechanisms in order to be successful. So when a company incorporates the word ‘measure’ into its name, you know it will be about superlative design and amazing technology. This is where the story of Mido watches makes a start.


The name of this company is crafted from Spanish for ‘I measure’ – ‘yo mido’. Mido sure did get the measure of success by doing something very unique right after it was established in the year 1918. Art deco inspirations went into the creation of watches for men and colored enamel went into the making of ladies watches.






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It was not all artistic inspirations either! Mido also incorporated the design of automobile grills in their watches. So you could get watches that looked like they vroom like Bugatti and move like a Buick! Hitting the mark of true design is Mido’s forte.



















Georges Schaeren was the founder of Mido and he brought his formidable experience as a Swiss watchmaker to the company’s DNA. This legacy showed in some pioneering technologies and innovations such as:


* Water resistance with the use of cork-crown sealing mechanism
* Using a robot called Robi to be a brand ambassador
* A winding mechanism that brought down the number of watch components
* Integrating a security alarm in a watch – to name just a few ‘firsts’


Mido also draws inspiration from architecture. 2002 saw the company producing the All Dial series which is a tribute to the Colisuem in Rome. As part of its ‘Reflecting on Time’, Mido also created the Belluna line which is all about the unique principles of art deco architecture. The Great Wall collection is reflective of one of the most powerful constructions in the world – the Great Wall of China. Mido cemented the relationship between its timepieces and architecture by getting into an alliance with the UIA or International Union of Architects in the year 2014.


DiscountShop has added Mido to its shelves and currently, we have the Baroncelli and Multifort series which have interesting stories too.


Multifort was the first anti-magnetic watch with a self-winding movement and built in water and shock-resistance. It became one of the best sellers for Mido from the 1930s to the 1950s after its launch in 1934. In the year 2009, Mido revisited the streamlined, industrial design motivations that went into the making of this series. It is extremely fascinating to see that Mido used the design lines of trains and steel manufacturing industry to create the Multifort series and watches such as the Multifort M0054301603101!

Mido Multifort

Mido Multifort


Almost on the opposite end of the spectrum in so many ways, lies the Baroncelli collection. It was in the mid-1970s that Mido launched Baroncelli and the design sensibilities for these timepieces came from stringed instruments. Even in architectural terms, the muse for the Baroncelli is the Rennes Opera House. Talk about making time resonate! Sublime and appealing, the Baroncelli M76004261 is all about sumptuous sophistication.

Mido Baroncelli

Mido Baroncelli


Remarkable construction and timeless designs have been ingrained so very deeply into the warp and weft of the Mido creations. Measuring style can surely be done rather easily with a Mido on your wrist!

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