The New Things That Shaped Wristwatches
Authored by: Monica  

Nostalgia, excitement, a sense of breathless anticipation for the next year and thoughtfulness – all of it defines what most people go through when a year is drawing to a close. If you were to look back, 2013 was full of some fabulous things such as the election of the 266th Pope, new stuff in cloning and the signing of the Minamata Treaty. And if you were to focus on the wristwatch industry, there were some amazing innovations and changes here as well. We have said it before and shall say it again, 2013 brought smart watches roaring back into the limelight and brands such as Pebble and Sony have changed, forever, the way people will use smart phone and smart watches.


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Probably as an extension of smart watches, this segment also saw the growth of wearable technology such as glasses which also told their wearers the time! Probably Project Glass is the biggest example of this innovation.



























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Even as atomic wristwatches made their debut in the recent past, Bathys brought out their Cesium 133 wristwatch, which as the name indicates, depends on the most stable isotope, Cesium, to keep time accurately.


Synergy or convergence was also big in 2013 and will probably continue to change the future as well. Qualcomm, known best for its smart watch called Toq, is also talking about how almost every device in one’s home can be connected and you may be able to get an alert on your watch to tell you that your refrigerator is running low on orange juice! Qualcomm is talking about open source software with its AllJoyn Framework.


There is also the little-known story about a group from India coming up with something known as a Smarty Ring which will put time, apart from many other features, in a ring, one which you can slip onto your finger.

























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There have been many innovations indeed as far as the watch industry is concerned and there will be plenty more to define how the next year shapes up. We shall do everything in our power to keep up with the times and bring you all the innovations as they unfold! Till then, Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014!













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