The Shades Of September
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Every month has a birthstone associated with it and we at DiscountShop try and put together a list of things connected with this birthstone. Watches, jewelry and even perfumes that we carry – you can pick up some really unique stuff if you link them with the month’s birthstone. September is here and brings with it the absolutely gorgeous sapphire. But instead of sticking with all things blue we thought we would expand the choice a bit.


Pantone talks about seasonal colors every now and then. Remember Marsala and the watches we have for this color? This Fall, Pantone has gone with a list of some really exotic shades and they are all named ever so romantically too. So without further ado, let us give you a list of things for the September born to consider, based first on Pantone’s interesting color palette.


Dried Herb sounds fresh and organic and is a stylish rendition of olive green. With its largely gray overtone, we could think only of the Armani Classic AR1818 to grace your wrist.


Armani Classic

Armani Classic


Oak Buff is a warm color and brings together gold, yellow and a touch of liquid sunshine. Typical Fall colors isn’t it? While there are plenty of watches that you can choose from, the Michael Kors Women’s Runway MK4285 has the oak overtones that are delightfully mellow.

Michael Kors Women's Runway

Michael Kors Women’s Runway


Green and gray come together to form Desert Sage on Pantone’s list and this wonderfully unique combination can be found in the Bulova Men’s Marine Star 98B206. This is one color combination that is strong and yet subtle about this strength.

Bulova Men's Marine Star

Bulova Men’s Marine Star


Marsala – just a while ago, this unusual color caused so much of excitement in the fashion and related industry that we had to dedicate a separate article for our things Marsala. For September, we present the Seapro Women’s Swell SP4414.

Seapro Women's Swell

Seapro Women’s Swell


Gray, cool and ever so chic – Stormy Weather is full of possibilities! Pantone describes this color as blue-gray. There is an air of dependability to this shade and you will find the same strength of character in the Casio G-Shock GA110TS-8A2 too.

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock


After a bit of rain, the sun shines through with a soft, soul-enriching glow and Pantone has called this Cadmium Orange. An almost peachy orange, this shade is superbly sophisticated and so is the Coach Women’s Sydney 14501869. Talk about having a heart like the sun.

Coach Women's Sydney

Coach Women’s Sydney


If you have time then it is a good idea to be a little meditative at times. Wonder about life and its many blessings and the color to do it with? Reflecting Pond with all its swirls of magical blue. And you can certainly drown in the good looks of the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Maverick 241690.

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's Maverick

Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Maverick


After all that introspection, if you feel your energy blossoming then you must look at a shade like the wonderfully named Cashmere Rose. Pink, perfect and utterly feminine so we had to go with the Cartier Santos 100 W20126X8. Amazing looking watch for an amazing color.

Cartier Santos 100

Cartier Santos 100


The shade of Amethyst Orchid is not for the faint hearted and we thought we would find a watch that would fit bold style choices in life. And so we present the beautiful purple leather looks of the Toy Unisex’s Classic D12PR.

Toy Unisex's Classic

Toy Unisex’s Classic


Biscay Bay is blue – an exquisite blue – on the Pantone list and it inspires emotions of serenity, peace and coolness. The magnificently designed dial of the Fossil Women’s Riley ES3385 brings it close to the Biscay Bay.

Fossil Women's Riley

Fossil Women’s Riley


And for our final two watches we had to go with sapphire which is the birthstone of September. DiscountShop carries sapphire crystal watches such as the Oniss Women’s Rectangular ON7700-L-PK-PK-PU but if you are looking for sapphire watches in terms of the color then we have two majestic and dressy watches for you.


The TW Steel CEO Tech TWS-CE4007 is power dressing magnified to oomph degree. Brilliant blue details and a big case make this watch striking and stylish.

TW Steel CEO Tech

TW Steel CEO Tech


Round blue stones on the bezel of the Marc-Jacobs Amy MBM3224 make this watch glimmer and shine with a wonderful allure.

Marc Jacobs Amy

Marc Jacobs Amy


So there you have it – our collection of watches based on the fall colors of Pantone and the birthstone for September – the sapphire.

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