The small but big company
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Mammoth. Behemoth. Colossal. Brobdingnagian even? All terms that can be applied to typical multinational corporations. It is interesting to look at the sizes of these MNCs. Some of them are bigger than countries in terms of their ‘economies’. For instance, the revenues of Wal Mart made it the 25th largest economy in the world in the year 2011. By the same count, Yahoo is bigger than Mongolia, Nike is way ahead of Paraguay and Pepsi is larger than Oman. Such large companies have branches all over the world. They interact with governments and influence prices and economic trends. And if you were to take an MNC such as Google, it has almost 48,000 people working for it.



The one defining feature of such MNCs is the fact that they serve a global market. And that is the one defining feature of the small but big company too! If the ability to serve a global audience is what makes a company multinational, then there are zillions of small entities that use the awesome power of technology to carpet the world with their products and services. If you want to know how this happens – take a look at our rather interesting Live Map feature. Even as you click on it, the little red balloons cover places as far apart from each other as San Jose, USA, Landvetter, Sweden, Dublin, Ireland and Almaty, Kazakhstan. And we do it all with less than a 100 people working from different parts of the world!


Live Map


It is interesting times in the online business world. There are plenty of models at work and technologies such as cloud computing, mobile commerce, electronic funds transfers and online marketing make it possible for some really small companies (in terms of size) to do big stuff. Can we be bold enough to coin a new term for this phenomenon? Micro multinational perhaps? There is the same attention to detail. There is also the need to manage local markets and ensure timely deliveries and most importantly, the sharp focus on providing authentic and certified products.


Image –


So if you were to take size, number of employees, the number of branches and maybe even brands of products, the little big company may not stand a chance of making a mark. Notwithstanding the fact that there are some gigantic companies at work in the online world too. But expand your criteria to include the coverage of global markets and you know that the online world will turn up many massive names. The revenues that such ecommerce giants generate is pretty interesting given their ‘size of operations’ in terms of physical numbers. How interesting then to live like a Lilliputian and yet change the world immensely.

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