The Touch Of Dawn Sky
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It is incredibly romantic to note the number of dawn goddesses that civilizations all over the world have. Ushas in India, Aurora for the Romans, Eos for the Greeks and Anpao, the spirit of the dawn for the Sioux – just some of the names that are filled with interesting philosophies and stories.


Even as each of these deities differ in their powers and characteristics there is one that is common to almost all of them – the color of the dawn sky – an alluring, enigmatic pink. It should really come as no surprise that the ‘rosy-fingered dawn’ figured ever so often in Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad.


There is something divine and cool and charming about rose gold. A beautiful sun, blushing as the world sets eyes on it every day brings together gold and pink in such a magnificent combination. To get an opportunity to put a bit of that emotion on your wrist is fabulous is it not? With the myriad rose gold watches that DiscountShop carries, you can touch your wrist with dawn sky forever.


Rose gold became trendy way back in the 19th century when it was known as Russian Gold. The term is no longer in use but rose gold makes the Fossil Women’s Stella ES3815 forever fashionable.

Fossil Women's Stella

Fossil Women’s Stella


Perhaps Aurora herself would love to wear a watch as good looking as the DKNY Women’s Reade NY2102. The very slim strap and the uniquely shaped links make this watch spectacular.

DKNY Women's Reade

DKNY Women’s Reade


The mesh strap takes on a bigger presence in the Skagen Women’s Ancher SKW2130. Another simple design that gives rose gold a lovely frame to shine from.

Skagen Women's Ancher

Skagen Women’s Ancher


If you want a watch that has a little ‘something else’ that adds or even highlights the blushing gold then take a look at the Michael Kors Women’s Parker MK5841. The tortoise-pink combination works really well.

Michael Kors Women's Parker

Michael Kors Women’s Parker


The Movado Women’s Bold 3600210 is another all-rose gold watch. It is just subtle differences in the shades of the metal that give this watch a delicately nuanced look.

Movado Women's Bold

Movado Women’s Bold


Striking good looks come in the form of the Nixon 42-20 Chrono A037 Rose Gold/White Granite A037-1046. Granite and pink hues make a lovely contrast in this watch.

Nixon Rose Gold White Granite

Nixon Rose Gold White Granite


And now for the gentlemen who love the style and sophistication of rose gold in their accessories.


The Jivago Men’s Ultimate JV6113 adds touches of black that deepen even more because they are set in a unique color. This is a watch that will help you stand apart with effortlessness.

Jivago Men's Ultimate

Jivago Men’s Ultimate


The Oceanaut Men’s Baccara OC0722 also has touches of black to offer but in a more restrained manner. Otherwise this watch is truly, predominantly all about the pink gold.

Oceanaut Men's Baccara

Oceanaut Men’s Baccara


Cartier introduced the Trinity ring which brought three shades of gold, including rose gold, in the 1920s. It became a huge trend and remains a treasured piece of jewelry even today. The Citizen Men’s Classic AW1343-54Q has three colors to offer too.

Citizen men's Classic

Citizen men’s Classic


The Seapro Men’s Tideway SP5334 is a beauty of a watch with its 44mm case. The steel finish of this timepiece makes it quite a tough watch to have around.

Seapro Men's Tideway

Seapro Men’s Tideway


It’s not just black and pink for the gentlemen. With the Christian Van Sant Men’s Somptueuse Limited Edition CV1128 you get a touch of sumptuous blue to accent the pink.

Christian Van Sant Men's Somptueuse Limited Edition

Christian Van Sant Men’s Somptueuse Limited Edition


Speaking of sumptuousness, this list of rose gold watches ends with the perfectly created TW-Steel Canteen TW307 TW307. The crown of this watch is one of the reasons why it stands apart.

TW Steel Canteen

TW Steel Canteen


We have chosen to go with rose gold metal watches but there are plenty of other options in this color palette on DiscountShop. So head on over and take a look at the pink and rosy collection that awaits your shopping pleasure.

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