The Voice Of The Citizen
Authored by: Sean  

It started with the idea of making a luxury item available to the common man.

It sustained itself with the conviction that technology is meant to be harnessed to make the life of the people easier.

It made a mark in the world with many, many “first of its kinds”.

Very few watch makers and brands can lay claim to these achievements. Brand Citizen is one of them! This amazing watch maker traces its history to the year 1918. If there is one thing that has defined the story of Citizen, and put the ‘It’ factor in its creations, then it must be the use of cutting-edge technology. The year 1924 saw the company produce its very first pocket watch which was dubbed Citizen because it was meant to be an item that would be available globally and to citizens from every class.

Most watches come with shock resistant technologies today. However, Citizen brought out the Parashock, the very first shock resistant watch in the year 1956. 1958 was when the company came up with the first automatic winding wristwatch. Around this time the work of Gérald Genta, a Swiss watch designer, led to the creation of the Golden Shadow and the White Shadow which were the thinnest automatic watches for a very long time. Again, plenty of watches use titanium, but Citizen pioneered the concept of watches encased in titanium in the year 1970. This was the year when the X-8 Chronometer was introduced. The evolution of design and technology come together fabulously in watches such as the Citizen Titanium BY0010-52E.


The word ‘quartz’ is intrinsically linked with the history of brand Citizen. And the year 1975 cemented this connection further because this was the year when Crystron Mega Quartz shook things up tremendously. Perhaps no watch comes close to the accuracy offered by this one because it works on a frequency of 4,194,304 hertz.

Today, there are plenty of watches for divers. They do amazing feats too (the watches and the divers that is!), but way back in 1981, Citizen came up with a diver’s watch that was the world’s most water resistant watch at 1300M. Round about this time, Rolex made its Sea-Dweller capable of going down to depths of around 1200M. 1987 saw a watch that was almost futuristic. The VX-2 came with voice recognition. For Citizen, being eco-friendly was from the economic side and the ecological angle. Thanks to its cutting edge technology of harnessing the power of light, the year 2003 saw the debut of Stilleto. This watch is the world’s thinnest light powered watch.

Today, brand Citizen is known for its Eco-Drive watches.

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Even this technology was introduced the very first time in the year 1995. Since then, the amazing Eco-Drive technology has been put into many watches such as the Citizen Perpetual Calendar World Time BR0010-56E to name just one.


For all technology lovers and wristwatch aficionados, Citizen is indeed a brand to watch out for.

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