The Watches A Man Must Have!
Authored by: Sean  

There was this article that stated that most young men below the age of 35 do not actually wear watches. Come on! That cannot be true now can it? Given the staggering variety and numbers of watches that are available, how can a well dressed man NOT have watches? Yes, watches, in plural. I am a young man and yes, self made CEO of a successful tech company too.


And incidentally, I love watches and I have a pretty large collection of them as well. I wear different hats rather easily too. So I am comfortable in the board room, the outdoors, at a party, relaxing by the beach, traveling (by almost any mode of conveyance) and so on. And yes, I do have a watch for every occasion. My day begins with strapping on my Pebble E-Paper Orange.

Pebble E-Paper Orange


It is my perfect fitness partner for it allows me to keep track of the distance I have covered on my run and the pace at which I did it! Incidentally, this is a watch I wear almost through the day as well. Since it can be synced with my smartphone, it gives me a handy way of seeing who is calling me and even emailing me. Neat huh? There is a cornucopia of functionalities that my Pebble gives me which make my life so much easier! To me, life has to be about power and passion and I think the Hamilton Khaki ETO H77612933 reflects that. In spades.

Hamilton Khaki ETO H77612933

I love the vivid orange strap and I love the solid and yet light, heft and feel of this watch. I like the style quotient of this watch tremendously! And no, orange is not the only “ingredient” in my watch selection process! My other staple is the neat and classic looking Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT H77615333.

Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT H77615333

Since I love looking into the machinations of the devices I work with, this watch’s exhibition case back is one of the strongest selling points for me! More often than not, it resides on my wrist even when I step out for an evening with my pals. And then my outdoor life on the weekends will see me swapping my watches for my good old trusted Casio G-Shock GW3000BB-1A.

Casio G-Shock GW3000BB-1A


Hugely rugged and driven by solar power, this watch has never let me down on my getaways of all kinds. Now, I do not understand and appreciate men who do not wear watches. Nope, not sounding arrogant or elitist or whatever the word is. Just a fact of life! A watch is the one accessory that makes a man confident, successful and well-rounded. So get with it!

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