The Watches That Were Part Of My Life
Authored by: Sean  

Life, for me, was pretty alright. Just your average boy, growing up with friends and getting into the expected scrapes – that was fun! My parents, who struck a balance between love and discipline seemed rather normal! Achievements were certainly rewarded but discretions were admonished as well. Ever since I can remember, I have always been drawn to the world of computers and gadgets. Even as I had my eye firmly fixed on information technology and what it can offer, it was my father who actually woke me up to the world of wristwatches, way back in time. Thanks to my achievement in sports, I received a fabulous Henri Sandoz and Fils. I was just 14 at the time and I wondered whether there was any connection with my name, which is Henry (with a Y) by the way!

I also wondered why my father was gifting me a watch that his father had already worn for many years. Especially because my friends were wearing these really funky watches!

So of course, I had to look it up on the Internet! I was delighted to discover that I was holding in my hand a true blue vintage watch. I still have this watch and I am elated to be part of a family tradition. Not just a family of my own but also of a watch that goes back to the 1870s! Apart from my interest in computers, I also took a little bit of interest in sports. Dad certainly did his best to encourage me in this as well and it was for some sporting achievement that I got the fabulously vibrant looking Adidas Stockholm ADH2668.


My father, the military man, said that I had earned my stripes with this one! For me it represented Jamaica – the land of athletes, Usain Bolt, cricket, Chris Gayle and so many other fabulous sportsmen. I remember my eighteenth birthday pretty vividly. That was when girls became a little bit more interesting to me! I also quickly discovered that all the pocket money from my summer jobs could be rather well spent. Therefore, it was the Diesel Digital DZ7201 that I managed to buy for myself as a birthday gift. It fitted my budget but more importantly, looked good while doing so! I quite imagined myself as a white knight in shining armor!


Life went on and so did my interest in computers which led to me being a little serious about my career. 2 years after my eighteenth birthday, I fell in serious love. And this time it was with the Luminox Colormark Chronograph 3081.

Again, this watch was not too expensive but I love it for its magnificent design and features. I liked the touches of white on this one but more importantly, it had a young and fresh appeal to it! Work life in the IT sector took off in earnest and soon, I was surrounded by a zillion gadgets it seemed. A smart phone is great but managing all the information that flows through it was pretty time consuming!

Then the wonderful Pebble happened in my life. Specifically, Pebble E-paper Orange!



Oh what a watch this is! I love its color but its features are fabulous actually. I simply synchronize it with my smart phone and minimize the time spent to access my phone.

I realize now that my father indeed started me off on my love affair with watches. Even though I have plenty of them in my collection now, I do cherish the few that I have talked about here. Have come a long way indeed from looking up Henri Sandoz and Fils on the internet!

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