The World Of Watches And Space, The Final Frontier
Authored by: Sean  

Wristwatches have indeed gone way beyond their core function of telling time.

Today, you have watches that can do plenty of things such as:
• Help a diver in the depths of an ocean,
• Let a pilot know at what speed he is flying,
• Orient an outdoor person when he goes trekking and
• Help a golfer get more information on golf ranges.


These are just a tiny handful of the capabilities of a wristwatch today. So, it is really no surprise that wristwatches have even kept astronauts company when they went up in space.

Take the historic company known as First Moscow Watch Factory or FMWF. The flagship brand of this company was the Poljot. Its biggest achievement was the Sturmanskie Pilots wristwatch which was worn by Yuri Gagarin in the year 1961 when he went into space. This was the first man and the first watch to do so.


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One watch brand that is also associated with space is the Omega Speedmaster. Considering that it is also called the Moonwatch, there is no wonder that this particular watch has come to be almost totally identified with space.

Actually, the name is quite literal because in the year 1969, this watch landed on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission.

In the year 1965, the Speedmaster was given the distinction of being flight qualified by NASA.




Luminox has taken space rather seriously because it has become a part, in fact a key partner in the Space Expedition Corporation. This project is all about putting the common man into space as well. And Luminox has come up with the Pilot Professional watch which is the product of collaboration with astronauts. Of course, it is never going to be dark even in space because Luminox has put its signature illumination technology into this timepiece as well.


Luminox Space


Even in the movies, many a wristwatch has found space, no pun intended, on the wrists of movie stars. Take a look at Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and you can see her sporting a solid Seiko. How can anyone be afraid of the big bad teeth of a big bad alien when there is a Seiko around?!

Speaking of other companies that also have a connection with space in the fictional world, there is Hamilton. This well-known watchmaker has been associated with the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C.Clarke when it worked on producing a wristwatch that combined analog and digital functions and was to be worn in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey.



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Interestingly, based on the work done for this movie, Hamilton came up with something known as the ODC X-02 which had a very unique look and also had 3 time zones.

I guess if you have the inclination, then watchmakers have the time to produce devices that can launch you into space as well!

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