Things we found interesting in CES 2014
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At the recently concluded International CES 2014, innovation was the superhero indeed. Health, computing, applications, fitness, automobiles, consumer electronics – name the field and it had some kind of presence during this event. From gadgets such as tanning beds for your cellphone and electricity conducting fake nails to the latest smart phones and televisions, CES 2014 had a lot to offer indeed. Here is our pick of the things that we found interesting.


Internet of things

Most people today turn to the Internet to cut the time that they spend in managing their homes and their lives. Today’s home is filled with white goods of various kinds and CES 2014 saw the rise of the concept of smart homes. There is LG HomeChat which will allow you to control almost all smart appliances in your house with text messages and voice commands.


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For your driving pleasure

BMW fans have another reason to rejoice because the company has brought about BMW Assist. A smart way of driving, this technology offers a veritable cornucopia of conveniences for the driver. This includes safety and entertainment as well.


























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Better support for graphics

Nvidia unleashed its massive power with the Tegra K1 processor. When it comes to next gen graphics, the Tegra is promising significantly more power than its closest rivals. Mobile gaming will probably go through the roof with this innovation.


Smart watches

Big names debuted smart watches in the year 2013 and as far as CES 2014 is concerned, it had watches such as Omate TrueSmart, Casio Sports Gear STB-1000 and Pebble Steel. Apart from metal and leather strap options, the Pebble Steel looks fabulous and gives you a brand new tricolor LED as well.
























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Online security
Imagine having a security system which is almost fail proof. Myris promises a 1 in 2 trillion chance of a false match. This technology uses videos of your irises to verify your identity and helps you do away with logins, passwords and passwords management.


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3D printing

Imagine being able to print actual objects that you can use at home. Whether it is chocolates, ceramic items, plastic stuff and so on, 3D Systems and its CubeJet, CeraJet and ChefJet give you an opportunity to print a wide range of things.

























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More power to the mother! and Cookies – these doll like appliances help a mother monitor the safety of the children and the house in a better manner. Connected with Wi-Fi, Mother is all about motion and temperature sensors.


Walking through video games

Imagine actually taking a walk through your world of videogames. The Virtuix Omni helps you do just that. This virtual reality treadmill is an omni directional machine that allows its user to actually run or walk around in the world of his video game.























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Smart phones
When it comes to smart phones, it is indeed extremely difficult to pick up just one that caught our attention at CES 2014. However, one intriguing feature that made its appearance was the temperature sensitive application from FLIR Systems. Thermal sensors allow you to do a lot more with your iPhone.


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Health is at hand
With the Withings Aura, an individual can actually enjoy better health simply because he or she slept better. This sleep machine can be used in conjunction with many other fitness gadgets and applications.

























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