Thinking about moms on Mother’s Day
Authored by: Monica  

A couple of days ago, I was having a chat with a friend of mine and we were dwelling on how nice it is that we get to celebrate events like Mother’s Day. Imagine a whole day dedicated to showing someone who gave you a whole life! Yes, it is all about remembering this special woman who, in all probability, continues to put her life on hold to make yours comfortable. So, would it not be great to make the time, even more, on Mother’s Day to tell her you love her?


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It is heartening to note that there are plenty of businesses and individuals who do pay attention to all the right kind of things when it comes to mothers. Whether it is advertisements showing how mothers get worried about a child’s cough or even waking up at unearthly times to groom future Olympians – it is all about ‘ordinary’ Mothers doing superhuman things for their offspring. It is also about people spending tons of time researching on buying unique gifts for their moms.


I use the word ‘ordinary’ only as an illustrative one. There is nothing ordinary about a mother who will go hungry just so her little child can have an extra morsel of food. Nothing run of the mill about a single mother who spreads herself thin with 2, maybe 3 jobs, and then domestic chores just so her child will never want for anything. Nothing ‘usual’ about a mama who agonizes over striking the right balance between giving freedom and being protective to her rebellious teenager.


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If you are a son or daughter to your mother, try and imagine you going through all the things that she goes through. The unconditional love – which can be difficult when the child is being particularly difficult! The nonchalant attention to every little detail – how you like your sandwiches to be cut and how you hate being patted on the head. The constant worry for your welfare – even if you are an adult and have started a family of your own! The need to stay connected with you – even if you are worlds away, figuratively and literally.


And if one is talking about staying connected, then a day is simply not enough. It should take a lifetime of love and gratitude to show your mom you care. If you are one of those lucky people who constantly tell their mother that you love her, then even more power to you! For you, perhaps like Harry Potter, are protected by a mother’s love against even the most powerful forces. And if you have not been telling your mom you love her, now is the time – come Mother’s Day. That’s a whole day simply waiting for you to head over to your mom and show her you care, tell her you love her and enfold her in all the positive energy you have.

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