Time To Worship Dionysus
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You know how there is a time for everything right? For instance, if one were to talk about the time for worship, then there is a pretty definite code that most religions follow. But there is perhaps one God who does not really mind when and where you worship him. And this is the god of wine, known as Dionysus. But the product that he governs, namely wine, is all about time.


How important is time when it comes to wine making? How about using the words critical, crucial, supreme, paramount and cardinal? Vinification or the production of wine starts with the right kind of cultivation when it comes to wine grapes. The science and art of winemaking or oenology, is a fine tuned process that relies on the right kind of timeframe at each step.




























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Winemaking generally starts during fall when the grapes are harvested. These harvested grapes then go through a crushing process which can be either mechanical or manual. If we are talking about red grapes then they go into the fermentation process from here but white grapes go through a process which separates their skins from the juices.



The juice thus collected is known as ‘must’ and is normally fermented with yeast. These fermentation processes can vary vastly depending on the wine that is being produced. If the winemaker seeks to make a dessert wine, then he will put a stop to the fermentation process early on. If the goal is to produce a sparkling wine then the fermentation takes place inside the wine bottle.


Normally, fermentation can span anywhere between one to 3 weeks. If the time and the temperature of fermentation is not controlled then it can lead to something known as wine faults which can destroy an entire batch of wine. Once fermentation is done, then the wines go through the storage process where they will develop their fabulous flavors. Most red wines and white wines such as Chardonnay may also go through malolactic fermentation during storage. This makes the wine even more subtle in taste.


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The ageing of wine is what makes this beverage such a splendid experience. The ageing brings together factors such as the variety of grapes, the location of the vineyard, the type of wine that is to be produced and even the agricultural practices. All of which results in altering the bouquet, color and taste of wine. Did you know that ancient Romans actually aged wines for decades? Normally, experts store wine under a pretty cool temperature and ensure that the racks of wine do not go through any disturbance at all. Is not it interesting to note that the wine can actually fall sick if there is any disruption during the bottling process?




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Some wines simply get better with age. For instance the Italian wine Tignanello is said to be one wine that has high aging potential. As a thumb rule, wines which have a low pH value get better with age. One such wine is Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus, time plays an important role in every step of the way when it comes to winemaking. It is only in the right time frame that the god Dionysus bestows his choicest blessings on the wine that you drink!


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