Time travel – a very different perspective
Authored by: Sean  

I wish I had a story as interesting as H.G.Well’s Time Machine but I am just a wristwatch, an accessory that has been around for a long time now. But I digress – what I want to talk about is what happens to me when you order me or my brethren online. Whether it is from the house of Hamilton or the dynasty of DKNY or even the Luminox lineage, quite a large collection of us is available online.

So what happens when you visit the website of your favorite wristwatch seller and place your order? Well, it is certainly the start of a most exciting journey for me. Time travel, for me, starts almost immediately. The synapses of a digital and physical world buzz with all kinds of communication to get me started from the local warehouse. An online retailer who is truly customer-oriented will look for the shortest shipping distance between me and you.


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An authorized distributor or discount seller will receive your order and then run a quality check. For discount sellers who operate in the grey market, this means checking that the watch is genuine and legal. In fact, sellers who take themselves extremely seriously will be able to give an unequivocal authenticity guarantee on products.


Quality check done, I then move on to get thoroughly pampered with the right kind of packing. Some watch manufacturers have distinctive boxes so if you have ordered such a watch, then the packaging will include this box. My instruction manuals, if I have them, will also be ensconced within this box. Adequate bubble wrap will be swathed around me because I have a longish journey to do. On the packaging, there is descriptive labeling that will indicate my origin and destination but in between, stops at the local shipping company, an international airport, a local hub or two may also happen. In most cases, it is a combination of planes and road transport that gets me to you but sometimes there is an actual ship involved in the shipping too!



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Depending on how far away you are, I can take anywhere between 5 to 15 days to reach you. This time duration depends on whether you have chosen expedited shipping or standard shipping. But in most cases, there are no shipping charges unless you have the chosen express mode of delivery. There is no ambiguity in the path I follow on my time travel since I can be tracked with a consignment or product tracker. You can consider this as proof of shipment too. Simply enter the order number or your email on the website of the seller and zero in on my current location! From the manufacturer to your wrist, it is indeed an exciting journey made smooth and transparent thanks to so much technology!

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